Helping build the Full Scale Falcon

Many of you have contacted us with offers to help build the Full Scale Falcon. We truly appreciate your interest and offers to contribute. We need them, since that’s the only way we can all make this dream become reality. This is a huge undertaking, and honestly, before we got all of this recent media attention and interest, we were unsure how we would ever pull it off in any reasonable timeframe.

We are still working out the system we want to use for multiple prop makers/contributors/craftspeople in multiple locations to coordinate on what we are all going to be working on. I’d like to get the discussion going on how we can divide up all of the interior and exterior greeblie construction and fabrication work. There are so many individual small and large pieces that can be divided up and worked on individually (or as a group).

I encourage you to join the forums on the site, then look at my post in this thread:

Please add your thoughts to the conversation. I look forward to your ideas!

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