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Hi Gang,

Another panel I’m working is the panel that has all the green sliders.  It was determined that the sliders were actually part of a computer (and static – the knobs never moved).  At $8 a piece and with 24 required… It made more sense to me to just fabricate them out of wood.  Since this cockpit and surround are for promo purposes… there was no need to spend the money.  We’ll probably purchase 1 or 2 and then make molds of the original.

Cut all the pieces of wood to shape.  I sanded, primed, filled and waiting for them to dry.  You can see the green color they will wind up looking like

20130105_151341 20130105_160727

This piece was a mistake but I really liked the look of it and I’m considering doing it to all of the sliders (taking a little artistic liberty)


I took the rockers from the center console and placed them on the sliders to see how it would look.

20130105_161017 20130105_181503 20130105_181515

Once these have dried I will give them a final sanding and then several coats of green.  I might lightly sand in between color coats to get a nice smooth finish.  Then spray a satin clear on top…

More to Come!

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