More Panel Details Continue!

Hi Gang,

More pics of the panels getting dressed!  This panel is on the side wall that sits behind Chewie…

It’s a long process…  I first have to pencil in ALL the pinstriping to help determine where all the holes will be drilled.  Then measure… Then use a screw to punch a small indentation… Then I drill the holes.  This panel has over 125 toggle switches and more LEDs… My favorite!  UGH…  ; )

20130101_161806 20130101_180356

Once all the holes are dilled I then sand smooth and fill any area that might need attention and then paint!  Once the paint dries I spray a layer of satin clear and then I can begin pin striping.  That’s the fun part for me!  I really enjoy it.

20130105_151450 20130105_121608 20130105_121132 20130105_121119

More To Come!

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