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Hi Gang,

Lots of forward progress.  Despite being a rainy weekend I’ve been able to get some primer on all these greeblies!  Next is paint!  And we’re getting closer to adhering the 1″ tiles and getting the LEDs back in place.

Before the laser cutter went belly up Jessie was able to cut the guide I created for the “radar” pin striping

The arrow pointing away from center

Pin stripe

Almost there

A few more pin stripes are she’s ready!

Moving on to greeblies!  Time to start putting everything together and get some primer added!

This guy required some sanding and trimming in between primer/paint

Armrest greeblie base

Sanded and trimmed

Getting some black paint added

So how does it all fit together?

Stay Tuned!  LOTS to FOLLOW!

These Things Happen, Right?

Hi Gang,

Updates but also some setbacks!  UGH… Jessie spent several hours at the lab cutting an incredible amount of new greeblies only to discover that the laser cutter was erroring out and making horribly bad cuts!  Virtually everything had to be tossed. We have to wait for the cutter to be fixed before getting anything else done.  BUT…

She did manage to cut these little guys before all the errors – these go on the nose panel greeblie just in front of the LEDs

Finished up this panel

Finished up the sister panel

Note the chrome pin stripe!

After todays renovating I’m going to jump on the greeblies I do have and start populating that panel… along with some LEDs and 1″ tiles!

Stay Tuned!


Hi Gang,

I just got an email from Starkiller with this YouTube video of the Force for Change winner – DC Barns. Congrats to Mr Barns! In the video are detailed images/video of the Falcon! Check it out!

I’ve also posted some of the highlights!

Note the glow of the new armrest greeblie

Congrats again to Mr Barns!  That must have been an amazing experience!

And for those who may have missed it… the NEW trailer for EP VII is here!

And with that said… WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!


Hi Gang,

So… remember that box of greeblies?  There’s even more coming…

Most of these greeblies are for one panel…

New cassette style greeblie

This greeblie has always baffled me.  It looks like a clipper guard for hair clippers.  They were everywhere…

Love this pic!

Random greeblie plates

Love this one too – have NO idea what it is

This one sits up near the “radar” screen.  It appeared to have a “holo-projector/swivel vent” attached to the round circle.  Jessie designed a 3D model we’re printing

More work on the armrest greeblie – this one is going to be tough

The original idea was a simple wood shape

The famous door greeblie – this one was really difficult to design – limited images but figuring out the different layers wasn’t easy



This greeblie attaches to another panel

Here is the basic layout – still need to prepped and painted of course

This greeblie has kicked my butt – not sure why!  UGH

Sorry about the flash.  Once we paint them they look right at home

One of the 2 panel greeblies for the lower back panels

Jessie is off to the lab to cut even more so stay tuned!

More Updates!

Hi Gang,

Well…  It was a LONG weekend of continued renovation on a friends house and garage cleaning… but we do have some forward progress.

Both of the back wall panels have carefully been removed and the frames are waiting for a new suit

Marking out the lines for pin stripes and LEDs

What a difference between ANH and ESB – these panels have so few LEDs (but lots of greeblies)

Sure beats drilling 250+ holes


Panel 2


After a coat of clear satin it was time to pin stripe – more on this later!

Here are the older panels waiting to be framed and hung to the wall

A HUGE box of greeblies!  More on this later!

Stay Tuned!

Another MAJOR Redesign

Hi Gang,

It’s been a rough week so it’s time to focus and get back to work!   You all know me enough by now that when it comes to the build… I will not settle.  I am redesigning both back wall panels to match the original ESB version to further compliment the two smaller panels I just redesigned.  BUT… I’m saving the panels and I’m going to turn them into wall pieces…

Out with the old

It’s a shame to have to go through ALL this work but I think it will be worth the effort

Now we REMOVE all the LEDs – UGH

And toggles

YES…  I have completely lost my mind!  ; )

More to Follow!