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Panels, Poly and Projects

Hi Guys,

Spent a few hours after work getting two of the four new panels built.

These panels were pretty dinged up and I never filled the brad holes

Work on the console continues

Even though this is the underside and will never be seen – gotta make it look the part

Sanded and added filler to the new door recessed panel

Sanding later today

And… as if I dont have enough to do, Daniel and I are putting together our own 1:1 scale R2 units!  Adding poly to the wood legs.  I’ve got to dig out the frame and get that sealed as well


A few more new images I forgot to add

Painted the new door greeblies their traditional black before adding color

I might give these a light “weathering”… what do you guys think?

If all goes well I might be able to add paint to the instrument panel this week – underside needs a bit more sanding

The entire under/back side will be painted black along with the upper instrument panel.

I’m hoping to make it back to the laser cutter this afternoon and cut more material.

More to Follow!

I was Framed!

Hi Gang,

Happy Monday…  Just a few little updates to kick start the week!

Friday afternoon started with my switching gears and jumping onto the new center console.  The cover plates under the instrument panels desperately needed to be sanded down and the edges leveled out to a smooth transition

Note the tan horizontal sand mark

Primer / Filler

A little better

And then it started to rain

So, we jump to Sat morning where Jessie and I spent most of the day laser cutting.  LOTS of new stuff to include the new 9.5″ riser panels

Door and Door frame extensions

And this… As you all know the back of the door is some what boring so I decided to take a little artistic license and design a recessed panel greeblie that is heavily influenced by the front recessed panel.  Getting ready to laser cut the acrylic

So far so good…?

I cut two different versions.  One that had a raised side trim and the other a etched side trim

Center piece

We thought the etched edges looked best

I scraped out the center wood filler from the panel so the new acrylic would fit

Rough position

Black paint added

Adding some color – white


More silver door greeblies

In place…. hmmmm… it has the basic look but I just felt it was missing something

It lacks something… I think I have an idea

I laser cut a new back panel lid to include a deeper recessed area



With all the extra room I layered up the acrylic and got a bit bolder with the design

MUCH better

Time to adhere the acrylic together

Roughing it in


Life gets VERY boring while you’re waiting for the laser cutter (Jessie is all too familiar).  And with all the rain over the weekend I decided to take advantage of the dry empty Makers space and build something

Dont you just love it when the timber is uneven… FILLER!

Looks like we got the making of something!

1 of 2 new door frames with 3.5″ extensions added


Even though I’m very critical and check each piece of wood… a few bad ones get by,  I had to take back 3 pieces so I wasn’t able to get to the second frame

Lots of filler required here

In place – note the previous door frame to the left

Pretty good weekend…  I didn’t get to the riser panels.  But I’ll get those this week.

More to Follow!

A Little Forward Progress

Hi Guys,

Not much of an update… I’ve started mounting all these greeblies I’ve been building

This guy posed a problem… the knob I had there before was placed to low for the ESB greeblie

ESB greeblie in it’s correct position

So… to avoid what could turn into another panel redo I placed the greeblie as high as I could and covered the hole

Still looks cool!  😉

Finally, I was leaving work when I noticed this little bevel light on a scanner…

How sad that I have been walking past this scanner for over a year and NEVER noticed it!

I’m contacting the vendor to see if they are available

The weather is finally cooling and although the weekend is calling for rain I’m hoping for a productive weekend!

More to Follow!

Low Tac and Bleed Free?

Hi Gang,

What do you get when you use low tac and bleed free tape?

You get major bleeding

And pulled up paint!

UGH! I’m going to mask off both the top and bottom and try light coats of spray flat black. This should take care of the bleeding issue. Not sure why the paint was pulled off the edges? It is what it is…

More to Follow!

A Door Comes to Life

Almost There!

Masked off one side of the door to finish the touch ups – tonight I’ll flip the door over and finish the other side

I then painted all the different bolt heads to match the different greeblies they would be attaching

Let bolt these greeblies  into place!

Bolted the pots into place

Let’s stand back and take a look…

Back side

Beauty Shots

More to Follow!

A New Latch and a Door

Hi Gang!

UPDATES! After looking through a few images I realized the latch I had created for the vertical box on the slider / gauge panel was incorrect. So…

Spent a better part of Saturday morning at the Makers playing with the laser cutter. A new latch taking shape


Basic shape

I ordered some more acrylic adhesive. Remembering my childhood days building models I thought I would try a drafting pen to apply the adhesive

Drafting pen

You simply dip the pen into any liquid adhesive (modelers glue, acetone, etc – be sure to have the recommended cleaners available) and the “well” area is filled with the adhesive

You then lay the pen across the seam(s) and the adhesive is sucked in between – virtually no mess!




I popped all the square tiles on the vertical housing – this is how the new latch will rest. There is much more support.



Time to add some filler!



This morning I headed back to the makers to cut a few more greeblies – these are for the door recessed panel

Back panel for the vertical housing – white acrylic painted black with etched grooves! Pretty cool look!

Painted, scuffed and in place

Time to address the housing – sanded, masked and awaiting paint

While the housing dried I sanded the first coat of filler to the latches then added some primer – nice!

A little more filler is required but not bad for a first time around

This will work much better than the other latch. I still really like the other latch but it was just too loose.

Freshly painted housing with latch – I’m considering adhering this part of the latch to the housing along with nuts& bolts

While at the makers I also cut these door greeblies. I wasn’t sure which would work / look best – the 1/8″ or the 1/4″ acrylic?

1/8″ Acrylic looks best! :)

Painted black

Added silver

I also designed and cut this greeblie – found on one of the side panels on Han’s side

As I was moving a panel I had knocked this guy onto the floor… UGH! Funny thing, I did the EXACT same thing to the VERY first one I designed. I sanded and added paint

Door is getting closer to being done!

Painted the sides black – still needs another layer

Finally, I painted these new guys silver

We’re SO close to finishing the door

More to Follow!

EDIT!  Almost forgot… Daniel added an LED light strip to the inside of the laser cutter lid.  Makes it MUCH easier to see.  Because light does that!  😉

Door is Almost Finished

Hi Gang,

Back side of the door is almost finished!



I’m still not sure about this access panel design.  I’m going to look through some MF images and see if anything pops out

Once the paint has dried I’ll mask off both sides and paint the sides one more coat of black

Final touch ups

Panel in place – I still have the upper access panel to paint as well

More to Follow!

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