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Hi Gang,

Lots of forward progress!  Once again Jessie was a HUGE help to me by cutting lots of greeblies!  THANKS J

I really enjoyed weathering one of the greeblies from a few posts back do I decided to jump in and give a few of the pure silver painted greeblies some weathering

Painted this guy

Then added some weathering

Grunge VS Clean – I like the simple grunge look (after all, this was a used universe)

More painted greeblies

2 of the newly cast matte boxes – Hey Fuzz!  Be on the lookout!

Still trying to figure out the best pot knobs

Worked on the wall art pieces

This was frustrating!  None of these little 1/4″ acrylic squares didn’t fit… UGH

Another new greeblie – the 1/4″ orange trim piece adds a bit more depth

Covers plates for the old LED holes

Jessie also cut this cover piece for the lower part of the Garrard Trim plate


All these little acrylic squares were cut and applied

Finally got around to designing / cutting the new throttle housing

Black acrylic cover gives it that smooth industrial look!

I had an idea for this greeblie so Jessie cut a second one

We cut 30 holes for the wires to feed – but I was 4 holes short… UGH…  More on this later

LED panel covers and the Garrard Trim plate finally getting a second layer of black

LOVE IT!  That acrylic piece fits right in!  I love the laser cutter

A few more layers of paint needed

I then shifted gears to getting these panels back together – still work to do on them

I then put the nose panels back on – this was NOT easy.  There is so much shifting and warping

The seat is STILL a bit too high.  We’re going to have to fab a new seat post

The edges of the seat should bump the shelf

I then built these lower nose panels

Sadly… the angles are off – AGAIN!  WHAT HAPPENED!?  UGH  I have to figure this one out!

Once I pull the panels off I’ll finish up the shelf

To give you guys an idea of just how much BIGGER she is…

This is from Oct 3, 2013

And this is how she looks NOW!

Oct 3


So much left to do!  I’m getting the files ready for the new door, door frame and surrounding areas!  So there’s always something going on.  :)

More to Follow!

Panels and Pin Stripes

Hi Gang,

Not much of an update…  But

First of many sanding/filler stages for this panel.  I also might try painting the pinstripes.  If it doesn’t look good / turn out right… re-sand/re-paint and apply regular pin stripes

Second round of filler

Reapplied the pinstripes on this panel and did some touch up work to include satin clear

This panel is almost finished!  I’m going to cut all the different “buttons” from color specific acrylic – orange, yellow, red, blue, black and white.  I tried painting them but the paint was either too thick, or it didn’t have that clean acrylic look.

From what I can tell, the original buttons panels were recessed into the panel itself.  The next gen cockpit will get the works!

There are several round knobs and a few other little greeblies to add as well – plus the 1″ tiles

I’m getting files together for the laser cutter.  Greeblies will include the infinity mirror for the “radar” panel, buttons, wall art greeblies, and I’m sure there’s more.  😉

The weather is supposed to be in 100s the next few days with 100000% humidity.  I’ll do what I can!

More to Follow!

Too Hot and WAY Too Humid!

Hi Gang,

I was going to work on the chair but it is so hot and humid out today… I am USELESS in this kind of weather

So I decided to do more work on the panels – Han’s lower panel button greeblie

Black panels for the wall art panels



I accidently sprayed gloss clear on to the nose access panel.  I taped everything off and gave it a shot of satin clear – MUCH BETTER

Finished up this panel – still needs one more greeblie

Pin striped Hans lower side extension panel

As mentioned above – the humidity.  The humidity has been really bad for the past few weeks.  So bad in fact it did this to one of the panels

UGH… If I cant fix it I’ll have to remove those bad areas, re-pinstripe and then a good shot of satin clear

When I removed the above panel, I decided to redo this one

I didn’t do the pin stripes correctly and they are beginning to separate


So… popped everything off

Sanded and added filler and now its drying

I then sanded and added filler to the armrest lever greeblie

Sandable primmer – mmmmmmmmmm

Against my better judgment… I went out to the garage (HOT) and attached these panels to ensure fit


More to Follow!  :)


Hi Gang!  UPDATES!!!

Got around to finishing up this greeblie!  Added the silver paint

Then it was time for some weathering – bad pic

Flat black and thinner and I slowly built up the layers

Dirtied up

In its basic position

Second round of weathering – I really wanted the recessed areas to be in the shadows

I changed the red knob to smaller one I found in my greeblie drawer – I like it much better

Marking out the holes

I had to cut larger holes for the pots to fit

Notice the orange stand-offs I created so the greeblie wouldn’t be flush with the panel

Side view

Almost there

I like it!

I then added the other pin stripe – I missed this one

Then added the LEDs

These rectangles also go on the panel above

Not adhered yet

I then got to work on this guy



And paint!

Put a cap on the center console extension platform

Primed up the wall art panel covers

Painted these greeblies

Sanded and finally painted these shelf rocker surrounds

A raised white rocker will sit in the housing

I then cut the two main panels for the nav chair – back panel is a bit too high

Saved off 6″ – MUCH better

I really didn’t realize how BIG these panels were / are

WHEW – That’s it for today!  More to Follow!

Red Paint?

Hi Gang,

A little more work on this odd greeblie – drilled out larger holes for the pot posts to fit

Painted black

Trying to figure the dial configuration

Painted silver

Red – this is the first time I’ve used red paint in the build (minus the lenses)

Added filler to this guy


The main part of the greeblie will be painted silver… I think.  I still have to study the pic

More to Follow!


Hi Gang,

GREEBLIES!  Jessie made a run to the lab and cut out more acrylic!  Thanks, J!

This is an odd and difficult to see greeblie that sits on the lower panel on Chewie’s side

It required multiple layers and lots of etching

I had to make up most of the finer details based on shadows and low rez images

The black rectangles will be painted white

With knobs added – still have to go through my collection and find the best ones

With primer

These panels will cover the horrible LED holes in the older wall art panels

They will be painted to match the panel and have several of the ESB greeblies attached

DANG – forgot to design these guys!

More greeblies – these are on Han’s side.  They will have multi-colored buttons but will not be backlit

Approx location

Misc round greeblies


Approx location

More rectangles

Laser cut some slider knobs – these are located in various areas of the cockpit

A trim plate piece

I swear – I HATE this panel.  This will be the 4th and final (as far as I’m concerned) attempt at this greeblie!

That’s it for now!  Stay Tuned!

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