The Makeover Cont’d

Hi Gang,

Well… the decision was made to take all the darker panels, removed everything, sand smooth and fill and then paint black…  AWAY WE GO!

More to Follow!

ESB Panel Extensions!

Hi Gang – UPDATES!

I was going to keep this a secret until the GMX show but quickly realized it would have been impossible especially taking build pics of the canopy…  So… Having chatted with Starkiller and the getting the correct measurements… I’m building the 15″ ESB extension panels.  This will allow for more room in the “Pit” but also get that ESB look we all LOVE!  I also plan to get to the back wall.

20130928_174403 20130928_174352 20130928_174348 20130928_170211 20130928_170159
I was thinking about building a display stand for flyers, binders, etc…  I came up with this quick sketch…  But a member gave me another idea… I’m going to try sketching a new stand with the MF landing gear as influence…  That should be fun!
Display Concept 01

More to Follow!

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