Landing Gear

Foundation pier and landing gear scaling

Just looked back at an insightful reader comment from Darth Humorous from April 2010 about the difference in scale from the 80 foot set blueprints vs. the current 114 foot full size dimension:

“The plans for the landing gear are based on the 80 foot set. Since you are scaling the ship up to 114 feet per Brown, the feet should be scaled up accordingly. Now, you may have already done so, but you were talking about a 12 inch tube, which is very close to the original landing gear plans. You did mention going to 18 inches for structural concerns. Perhaps you should scale the gear up accordingly to see what the tube diameter would actually be. You might be surprised.”

Math is a wonderful thing.

Get this: Scaling up the 12 inch diameter landing gear/foundation pier by the 80/114 factor gives roughly an 18 inch diameter. So it looks like we will be going with an 18 inch diameter steel-reinforced concrete pier for each of the seven landing gear tubes.

The current plan is to use Tube Base Plastic Footing Forms with 18 inch Sonotube forms for the footings and piers. The landing gear will be built around (and will anchor to) the concrete piers.

Landing Gear

Been working on breaking the landing gear drawings down into the component parts. These should be fairly simple to construct.

The central tube will be about a 12″ diameter PVC pipe that will serve as the form for the reinforced concrete foundation pillars.

[UPDATE] After doing some more load calculation these tubes may need to be more like 18″ diameter, which will be slightly out of scale, but necessary.

Exterior project components

I’ve identified these exterior project components:

  • Armaments
  • Dish antenna
  • Foundation
  • Landing gear
  • Structural steel framing
  • Ramp
  • Lighting
  • Outer hull and plating
  • Weatherproofing
  • Paint and weathering
  • Rough-in

Each of these will likely have several sub-projects associated with them.

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