Time lapse videos from the Mythbusters Behind the Myths show in Huntsville

Project team member Daniel Valdez (creator of the fantastic Steampunk Professor X Wheelchair) set up his iPad mini and captured these great time lapses of the maker area where we had the Falcon cockpit and quad gun set up.

Mythbuster Adam Savage dropped by twice before the show to chat and check out all the cool stuff in the room.

Setting up before the show: (Adam Savage comes in to chat and take pictures from around 00:02 until around 00:16)


During the show (watch for the huge influx during intermission): (Adam Savage drops in again to chat from about 00:10 to about 00:17ish)


And finally, loading out to the trailer:


Oh yeah, and this is what we were dealing with during load-out (yes, that is horizontal rain):

The rain really made it a challenge trying to get the Falcon pieces into the trailer that night (and into the morning). We left the Von Braun Center at around 1:30am. Leah and I got home to Nashville around 3:30am Sunday morning.


Setting up for the Mythbusters Behind the Myths Tour in Huntsville

We were invited by MindGear Labs and Makers Local 256 to display the cockpit and quad gun in the maker area adjacent to the concert hall. We worked from about 9am until 4pm, when the room was opened to the public and to ticket holders for the night’s show. Here are some pics of the setup process. We had a special visitor, and I’ll talk about that in an upcoming post.

Falcon Project on display at Mythbusters Behind the Myths Tour in Huntsville

Will you be in the Huntsville area this Saturday December 21? Want to see the Full Scale Falcon Project cockpit and quad gun in person, along with a lot of other awesome maker projects? In conjunction with the MythBusters: Behind the Myths tour, we’ll be joining MindGear Labs and Makers Local 256 in exhibiting our ambitious project.

The show-and-tell begins at 4pm in the Von Braun Center’s Ballet Room, so come on out!

Mind Gear Labs

Makers Local 256

Mythbusters Behind the Myths Tour

GMX (Geek Media Expo) Day 3:

Hi Gang,

GMX was AMAZING!  There was SO MUCH going on…  But I am exhausted.  I’ll get to all the gory details later but I wanted to post more pics…  As always, all my thanks to Chris, Leah, Jeanette, Patrick and Scott (thanks buddy), and everybody who helped out, for all your help.  And of course the entire GMX team!  Enjoy!

The end of the day…


More pics, videos and hopefully interviews coming…

OH!  Chris and Co… I officially hate those platforms!  ; )