GMX: Day 1

Hi Gang,

Day 1:  it was primarily setup…  whew… we had 3 accidents.  One knob and convex lens from the instrument cluster popped off.  And I inadvertently, because it was already cracked and thinking it was the lower part of the door frame, broke off the part of the door frame where the door track mounts.  But we’re fixing it this morning…  grrrrr…  WHAT A BLAST SO FAR!

Day 2:  Who knows?  :)  Stay Tuned!

The Nashville Mini Maker Faire = SUCCESS!

Hi Gang,

I JUST got home after an AMAZING show at the Science Center!  What a turn out!  There was SteamPunk, R2s, robots… it was amazing!  First and most importantly… I want to thank the entire gang of folks that helped set up and tear down both the cockpit and quad – you guys and gals are the best!  Thank you!

I didn’t get as many pics as I had hoped – the Faire was jam packed!  Both Chris Lee and Leah were interviewed several times during the day…  It was a zoo!  But what fun!


20130921_180803 20130921_180746 20130921_180542 20130921_180458 20130921_180443 20130921_180433 20130921_180425 20130921_180351 20130921_180342 20130921_173736 20130921_173723
20130921_171441 20130921_171430
20130921_171338 20130921_171119 20130921_171114 20130921_163819 20130921_160202 20130921_154437 20130921_130827 20130921_130211 20130921_130156 20130921_121700 20130921_121655 20130921_121646 20130921_121633 20130921_121601
20130921_093104 20130921_093050 20130921_093046 20130921_093038
Whew… what a day!  We also met many folks from the RPF and the FullScaleFalcon sites – thanks for stopping by guys!

Thanks again to everybody – Chris, Leah, Scott, Gregg, JT, and everybody else…  THANK YOU for an amazing DAY!

As always… More to Follow!

Weathering Part II

Hi Gang,

I finished up the weathering on the quad minus the barrel tips and hoses – they need a little more light color paint.  I am REALLY happy with how the weathering turned out.  I almost feel like I can reach out and touch the MF!  That’s mostly how I feel… mostly…   I also added a few more stripes to the quad to help fill in some blank areas…

20130912_175900 20130912_175853 20130912_175711 20130912_175703
20130912_175835  20130912_175707 20130912_175847 20130912_175651 20130912_175540 20130912_17551520130912_175631 20130912_175621 20130912_175612 20130912_175545  20130912_175527 20130912_175522  20130912_175509 20130912_175501 20130912_175455 20130912_175444 20130912_175429
20130912_175414 20130912_175419 20130912_175357
The next three days are Full Speed Ahead!


Hi Gang,

It is REALLY hot today and humid so I decided to jump in and…  After watching Adam Savage’s quick tutorial on how to weather large objects, I decided to go for it!  Thanks Mr. Savage!!!!

The first thing I did was FINALLY get the connecting rod through the main body of the quad to mount through the platform.  This will keep the body from tilting forward when the barrels are adding and get rid of that ugly vertical support bar.

20130908_133101 20130908_133056 20130908_133109 20130908_135420
And now… on to the weathering!  I picked up some acrylic paints (blacks and two browns) from the art supply store and…
20130908_135416 20130908_141306 20130908_145210 20130908_145203 20130908_145151 20130908_145144 20130908_145124 20130908_145120 20130908_145115 20130908_145108 20130908_145057 20130908_145052 20130908_145041 20130908_145035 20130908_145027 20130908_145017 20130908_145231 20130908_145243
More to Follow!

Concept Ideas

Hi Gang,

Well… Here she is with the bottom barrels attached.  I’m not putting her back together completely just yet.  I have a few “paint” ideas I’m tossing around for the base, barrels and the quad body…

20130901_153829 20130901_153814 20130901_153718
Here are a few design ideas I have for the quad platform and the barrels – nothing major.  But I definitely like the idea of tying more paint/color elements of the MF into the platform…  I’m working different configurations and shapes…

Quad Concept 01
More to Follow