Site Preparation

Container workshop foundation and basement excavation continues

Planning on having a basement under each container stack with a floor-to-ceiling height of 8 feet. There will be concrete foundation footers poured, then 8 inch block walls built up for the containers to sit on. Heavy rebar will be tied into the footers, extend up through the block wall and be welded to the rails on the bottom of the first level of containers.

Land clearing underway

I’ve been on-site every day since Saturday the 22nd (except for Sunday) cutting the roads and working on clearing the main Falcon building site. There is so much to do.

So far I’ve cut a total of about half a mile of roads. Mostly access roads through the main valley and stream bed of the property from the front to about 2/3 of the way to the back line. I’ve cleared several smaller potential sites for the workshop and cabins. I also made it to the top of the tallest hill that sits 200 feet higher in elevation than the highway. The view from up there is incredible.

The pic above is of the main Falcon site so far. I’ve cleared about 1/3 of it at this point. For the Falcon site I am concentrating on doing the rough clearing and leveling this week. Afterwards I will need to spend several weeks with a chain saw to cut up and clear the felled trees. Then I will need to come back with another week-long rental of the dozer or maybe a track-hoe to finish the main site.

The land clearing image gallery is here.

Clearing the building site

The bulldozer is reserved for the week of Dec 22-28. I will be out on the land during that time cutting the roads and clearing the building sites for the Falcon and the workshop. The equipment rental company will be delivering hopefully the morning of the 22nd. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain like crazy between now and then. If it’s too muddy the dozer will be useless.

After I get the site cleared and the roads navigable I will lay out the lines for foundation excavating.

Soon after that we can have a ground-breaking event.

Site preparation

There is an existing logging road to the proposed Falcon building site which will need to be graded and graveled. I’ll need to bring power and water to the site as well. The workshop building will also need power and water and septic. The workshop will need to be close enough so that moving components and materials back and forth is practical, but far enough away so as not to interfere with any sightlines.

Site selection

I own a secluded 88 acre tract of wooded land where I’ll be building. A goal is to have the interior complete enough to be habitable as in a sort of guest house thing. You know, “hey come on over, you can stay in the Falcon…” I’ll have a good-sized steel storage building nearby for an on-site shop. I ultimately plan to eventually build my dream house somewhere on this property, but that’s a ways off. I’ll start with a smaller dwelling that will end up being the pool house or another guest house. I’m rambling, but you get the idea.

I want a site on the property that is low enough so that the top of the Falcon can be seen easily. A flat area roughly 400′ x 400′ will need to be cleared. I already have one such site in mind.

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