Hi Gang,

I just got an email from Starkiller with this YouTube video of the Force for Change winner – DC Barns. Congrats to Mr Barns! In the video are detailed images/video of the Falcon! Check it out!

I’ve also posted some of the highlights!

Note the glow of the new armrest greeblie

Congrats again to Mr Barns!  That must have been an amazing experience!

And for those who may have missed it… the NEW trailer for EP VII is here!

And with that said… WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!


Hi Gang,

So… remember that box of greeblies?  There’s even more coming…

Most of these greeblies are for one panel…

New cassette style greeblie

This greeblie has always baffled me.  It looks like a clipper guard for hair clippers.  They were everywhere…

Love this pic!

Random greeblie plates

Love this one too – have NO idea what it is

This one sits up near the “radar” screen.  It appeared to have a “holo-projector/swivel vent” attached to the round circle.  Jessie designed a 3D model we’re printing

More work on the armrest greeblie – this one is going to be tough

The original idea was a simple wood shape

The famous door greeblie – this one was really difficult to design – limited images but figuring out the different layers wasn’t easy



This greeblie attaches to another panel

Here is the basic layout – still need to prepped and painted of course

This greeblie has kicked my butt – not sure why!  UGH

Sorry about the flash.  Once we paint them they look right at home

One of the 2 panel greeblies for the lower back panels

Jessie is off to the lab to cut even more so stay tuned!

Quad v2: Skinning the body

The body of the quad also took several strides forward during the winter.  In addition to the cast pieces at the front of the “blast chambers, I added a little more dimension to the chambers themselves.  I also redid the back end of them, since this version of the quad won’t be built to come apart for transport like Greg’s.


The skin starts with the 6″ PVC pipe.  On the front end, and on the back as well originally (as shown here) there is a 6″ to 4″ reducer.  I had to chop into the reducer to fit the pillow blocks for the axle.  This left some sectons of the reducer very susceptible to fracture.  It also created a void between the blast chamber and what would be the ballast section. IMG_3416

The solution I chose was to go to a coupler instead.


The line looks more like it extends out of the back end of the cannon this way.

I also added a coupler in the center of the tube for cosmetics and to hide the slot in the tube needed to install it around the front end of the frame.

Some shots out on the dock with some weight in the back end.  The muzzles are still version 3

IMG_3563 IMG_3562

These are a few fun shots a co-worker of mine took as I was welding a mount to add weight to the ballast section

scotts_project 026scotts_project 028

scotts_project 018scotts_project 015scotts_project 024 scotts_project 019

This was also when I had to figure out how much weight I need in the back end to counter the front of the cannon.  I have 6 inches of space to enclose enough weight to offset the 5 feet of stuff forward of the axle.  It came out to around 90 pounds.

I have to adjust where the weight is located, vertically, but still, very pleased.




More catch up on the quad v2- the muzzles

Hey, Gang,

With Celebration set to start in a matter of hours, I want to get things caught up as much as possible.  First up are the muzzles.

The plan is to have them light up right as their barrel “fires,” for about a half a second, going out before the barrel finishes its travel.  I started with the idea of LEDs, but the prop guy mentioned that when they had gotten a bunch of airsoft assault weapons for a show, the guns came with laser sights.  He thought (and the idea caught on very quickly), “it is a quad LASER gun.”


Trying out the laser on the ABS solid front muzzle version.  It was ok.  I didn’t get a shot of how well it dispersed from the front.

IMG_3230 IMG_3231

The third version of the muzzle print- with some paper, I think, as a diffusion in the front.  You can see the chunks of PVC that were the planned method of putting the two halves together.  The light effect was great- nice and bright, though a bit uneven.



The setup with the lasers, version 1.  I bought a couple of clear acrylic hemishepres and roughed them up to be a diffusion ans well as a “focus crystal” of some sort (Hey, it works in lightsabers, right?)  A little hot glue as strain relief on the wires..

IMG_3249 IMG_3248

They work pretty well, but they have that intensity issue.  Also, with the aluminum housing there, they make the muzzle way too heavy.  The barrel dips too much


You can see how much it droops relative to the track behind it.

The next step was to eliminate all the aluminum of the housing and cut back on some of the material in the casting.


The shell on the left after a dremel had been taken to it.  The other three in their original form

IMG_3492 Build a small armature for the lasers…

IMG_3495and voila.  A lot less weight up front.

Unfortunateley, the intensity issue kept giving me issues.  The prevailing theory was that I damaged the little circuit attached to the laser when soldering.  Even bringing in a guest solderer, the effect ended up less than acceptable.  The picture there is the BEST of the four.

So the plan shifted back to LEDs.  I was also fretting about assembling the two halves of the shell.  The print had peeled up from the print bed, and that was naturally reflected in the cast, so the emitter end was giving me sleepless nights.  I finally decided to change the prints.




Instead of splitting longitudianlly, I sliced it in pieces the other way, with the back half sleeving in to the front end.  The hemispheres went in..



I made small tubes for color on one end and the LEDs on the other,

Built some spacers


And glued them in to the nose piece.


Instead of casts, which were heavier (and I couldn’t figure out the best way to make a mold of these without getting a lot more silicone rubber), I printed all four muzzles.  A little black spray paint inside the back piece, and then they went together


They are also about an ounce and a half lighter than their predecessors.




More Updates!

Hi Gang,

Well…  It was a LONG weekend of continued renovation on a friends house and garage cleaning… but we do have some forward progress.

Both of the back wall panels have carefully been removed and the frames are waiting for a new suit

Marking out the lines for pin stripes and LEDs

What a difference between ANH and ESB – these panels have so few LEDs (but lots of greeblies)

Sure beats drilling 250+ holes


Panel 2


After a coat of clear satin it was time to pin stripe – more on this later!

Here are the older panels waiting to be framed and hung to the wall

A HUGE box of greeblies!  More on this later!

Stay Tuned!

Another MAJOR Redesign

Hi Gang,

It’s been a rough week so it’s time to focus and get back to work!   You all know me enough by now that when it comes to the build… I will not settle.  I am redesigning both back wall panels to match the original ESB version to further compliment the two smaller panels I just redesigned.  BUT… I’m saving the panels and I’m going to turn them into wall pieces…

Out with the old

It’s a shame to have to go through ALL this work but I think it will be worth the effort

Now we REMOVE all the LEDs – UGH

And toggles

YES…  I have completely lost my mind!  ; )

More to Follow!