Getting Through the Door

Early Morning Update…

Once again… rain rain rain…

I found these two little greeblies

Much better

I had an extra piece of cut acrylic so I did a test…. maybe not

But it worked for this guy!

Add some paint

Getting closer!

Sanded down and added primer/filler to one of the door trim pieces

Added filler to the other

Once these are all set I’ll adhere a pre-sanded/primed back panel then permanently adhere to the doors – then I can finish up the rest of the door

More to Follow

Rain… Go Away!

Hi Gang,

UPDATE!  Unfortunately it rained ALL day Saturday before I was able to make some significant movement on the door.  But I switched gears and moved forward…

Since there are no clear images of this greeblie I decided to wing it…  And…

UGH!!!!!!!  I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time to start over!!!!!!!!

That was a total fail on my part!

But let’s move on to some cooler stuff!  :)

I finished getting the greeblie back together

I also these two support brackets to the other greeblie

This is 3 layers of MDF that were laser cut and make up the edges of the recessed panel to fit inside the door – adding filler to smooth out the edges (I have both sides that need to be done)

The edges of the door have these little pockets – not sure why but it’s a cool added detail.  The edge of the door will be painted a flat black

Adding filler to hide the screws and imperfections

Stopped by the Makers to use the laser cutter – I cut and etched this piece

The cut is slightly larger than the silver decorative greeblie and the etching helps me place the piece perfectly

I then cut a new smoked panel for the electronics box.  The part above adheres behind the smoked panel leaving the silver greeblie flush with the smoke panel

These two “U” shaped acrylic pieces will be adhered to together and mounted inside the door panel keeping the electronics box in place and allow the guys to remove it if necessary

The piece that attached to the door is the same width as the smoked panel

The second piece, now adhered in place, acts as a guide for the box to slide in and out

Finding the correct position


I mounted the electronics and other greeblies into place


The smoked acrylic allows just a hint of the silver greeblies to show through – perfect!

I adhered the access panel mounting frame to the inside of the door panel

The guys now have access to the electronics box

Gotta think that little panel greeblie few a little better.  Think, Man, Think!  😉

More to Follow!

Some Forward Progress

Hi Gang,

A quick morning update…

I put together the new door electrical box

I created a new cover plate but this is the old one

Front face greeblie

I polished the smoked cover plate and added the greeblie

Added paint and filler to the box


Temp positioned the electronics

Temp put together

Plugged in and working!

Back side

I then marked out the area to remove on the backside of the door

Got the laser cutter working!  I found out what the issue was – A piece of acrylic was stuck in the bed and not raising to the correct level

This greeblie also mounts to the extension panels – there are NO clear images of these greeblies so I’m just winging it



I marked out the correct mounting points for this greeblie

Almost forgot about this guy – added weathering

Still have to add a few more little greeblies to the surrounding areas

More to Follow!


Hi Gang!

We are FINALLY UP AND RUNNING!  Sorry for the LONG delay.  So much has happened over the last few months. Here are a few pics of what we’ve done – this is just the tip of the iceberg!  : )  Much of the pressure is off us as we have been forced to back out of several shows.  But this gives us more time and not rush the important parts of the build.

So, I’ll shut up now… enjoy…

We FINALLY FOUND SEATS!  They are still in the UK and Wavey is looking them over in prep for transport to the US.

We laser cut a new rear arch

We have found, identified and fabricated LOTS of greeblies!

We found a Garrard Record Player Trim Plate!

I fabricated this interesting little housing

Fabricated two hinges to match the original

The hinges mounted to the housing

Got some panels finished up!

We’re starting a new nose!

New nose plans!

New radar scope panel is 95% finished!

More Greeblies!

New recessed door panel


New door electrical box

And those are the highlights!  My apologies once again for the LONG delay…  It feels great to be back so Stay Tuned!

Two New Star Wars-Themed Lands Coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World

“… a pair of 14-acre lands that will feature creatures, characters and vehicles pulled from Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as the older films. Iger teased a Mos Eisley-style cantina, as well as the two signature attractions: one that puts you in the middle of a climactic battle between the Resistance and the First Order and the other that allows you pilot the most famous ship in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon. The lands will be located in both Disneyland in California and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. This is very, very exciting news indeed.”

Disney's Star Wars Land Announcement Concept Art

Disney’s Star Wars Land Announcement Concept Art

Disney's Star Wars Land Announcement Concept Art

Disney’s Star Wars Land Announcement Concept Art


Hi Gang,

Lots of forward progress!  Once again Jessie was a HUGE help to me by cutting lots of greeblies!  THANKS J

I really enjoyed weathering one of the greeblies from a few posts back do I decided to jump in and give a few of the pure silver painted greeblies some weathering

Painted this guy

Then added some weathering

Grunge VS Clean – I like the simple grunge look (after all, this was a used universe)

More painted greeblies

2 of the newly cast matte boxes – Hey Fuzz!  Be on the lookout!

Still trying to figure out the best pot knobs

Worked on the wall art pieces

This was frustrating!  None of these little 1/4″ acrylic squares didn’t fit… UGH

Another new greeblie – the 1/4″ orange trim piece adds a bit more depth

Covers plates for the old LED holes

Jessie also cut this cover piece for the lower part of the Garrard Trim plate


All these little acrylic squares were cut and applied

Finally got around to designing / cutting the new throttle housing

Black acrylic cover gives it that smooth industrial look!

I had an idea for this greeblie so Jessie cut a second one

We cut 30 holes for the wires to feed – but I was 4 holes short… UGH…  More on this later

LED panel covers and the Garrard Trim plate finally getting a second layer of black

LOVE IT!  That acrylic piece fits right in!  I love the laser cutter

A few more layers of paint needed

I then shifted gears to getting these panels back together – still work to do on them

I then put the nose panels back on – this was NOT easy.  There is so much shifting and warping

The seat is STILL a bit too high.  We’re going to have to fab a new seat post

The edges of the seat should bump the shelf

I then built these lower nose panels

Sadly… the angles are off – AGAIN!  WHAT HAPPENED!?  UGH  I have to figure this one out!

Once I pull the panels off I’ll finish up the shelf

To give you guys an idea of just how much BIGGER she is…

This is from Oct 3, 2013

And this is how she looks NOW!

Oct 3


So much left to do!  I’m getting the files ready for the new door, door frame and surrounding areas!  So there’s always something going on.  :)

More to Follow!

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