Nav Chairs, Levers and a Vacuform Machine!

Hi Gang,

Work continues on several elements of the cockpit to include the nav chair, levers and vacuformed access panels!

Mike then set up the CNC to cut these new aluminum lever handles.  They make such a difference.  No more worrying about little hands grabbing and snapping the acrylic

Daniel and I spent a night at the local Maker club where we vacuformed these access panels.  They are found on the 15″ extensions panels of the ESB cockpit.  They make a HUGE difference.

The Yuri Show at The Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL

Hi Gang,

I apologize for the lack of updates – things have been hectic!  We had a last minute invite to the Yuri Show at the Space and Rocket Center right here in Huntsville, AL just this Saturday night (Apr 19).  The team banded together and scrambled to get everything set up and ready to go by 6:00.  The show lasted until 2:00am.  We met some amazing people and established some GREAT contacts!


We’ve been plugging away on the nav chairs and even had a few things vacuformed – PICS COMING TONIGHT!

Kudo’s to Philip for taking some amazing images!  We’ll be doing a photo shoot with the quad this week.

Stay Tuned!

Quad v2- bits and pieces

Hi, Folks,


I finally got a chance to get started on the lighter weight version of the framework (and by get started, I mean cutting a bunch of little pieces and drilling a few holes.



They really don’t look like much right now, but




clean up the edges, drill a few holes in them, (I started out dreading having to drill the holes, whining about this many.  Then I remembered Greg and company working on the cockpit, and suddenly, 40 holes isn’t so many)



tap 8 holes to be 1/4″-20 threaded…



and I have the front and back end of the frames almost ready for me to start welding.  I still need to cut out the 1″ holes in the 1/4″ plate pieces for the piston head to fit through, but this had made a good stopping point for the night.


Tomorrow- putting on the peril-sensitive sunglasses and setting up to make a few pieces of aluminum into one big piece, preferably without melting anything.  Fingers are crossed.  Take care.




Hi Gang,

LOTS of greeblies arrived over the weekend!  Enjoy!

More to Follow!

The Steamfest at Lowe Mill Show in Huntsville, AL

Hi Gang,

Mind Gear Labs was nice enough to let us piggyback and attend the Steamfest at Lowe Mill show right here in Huntsville, AL.  We only had a few days to get things together but it was a great turnout.  We had a great time promoting the project, meeting and greeting and making new friends…

Pre-show prep

There was significant battle damage to the console after Steamfest.  Many loose and broken wires, cracks and breaks to greeblies…  Worst was when the speakers popped…  UGH…  All fixable but still frustrating…

More to Follow!

TEDx Nashville Recap, Part III

Hello all;

First off, let me introduce myself.  My name is Jake, and I’m one of the people working on the electronics for the Full Scale Falcon project.  I have also dubbed myself the staff rank amateur photographer.

During TEDx Nashville, I set myself up taking pictures of everyone enjoying our hard work.  Greg has already posted some of the pictures that I took, but here’s a few more.


I’m still working on pictures; cleaning them up, resizing them, etc.

Now that we’re done with TEDx, its time to get to work on the rest of the cockpit.  Stay tuned for more things to come!



The Quad v.2 (.5?)

Sorry I haven’t gotten much updated on the quad lately.  I’ve been away from shop space, and have been wrestling with a weighty conundrum- literally.  I did get a sheet metal housing built for around the motor inside the frame, but I am getting VERY concerned with how heavy the structure is getting.  It is currently sitting at 42 pounds, without pistons, motor, the side walls, and any of the PVC body of the guns themselves.  I’m starting to consider using what I have as a prototype and starting over with aluminum, at least for the bulk of what I have already built.

The pros:  lighter, easier to drill holes in

The cons:  more expensive, I’ve never welded aluminum

Ultimately, I think the pros outweigh (sorry for word choice there) the cons.

There’s just the terror factor of the “new” I’m facing.  (Get over it, Scot)

Sheet metal motor housing.  covers the top and bottom faces of the framework

Sheet metal motor housing. covers the top and bottom faces of the framework



To get a sense of where the barrels will sit, and how much of a surface is getting added to the “in between” area


The first barrel, cut and notched to fit around the frame and pillow block, with the other three ready for the saw.



The four barrel bodies loosely in place.