More Updates!

Hi Gang,

Well…  It was a LONG weekend of continued renovation on a friends house and garage cleaning… but we do have some forward progress.

Both of the back wall panels have carefully been removed and the frames are waiting for a new suit

Marking out the lines for pin stripes and LEDs

What a difference between ANH and ESB – these panels have so few LEDs (but lots of greeblies)

Sure beats drilling 250+ holes


Panel 2


After a coat of clear satin it was time to pin stripe – more on this later!

Here are the older panels waiting to be framed and hung to the wall

A HUGE box of greeblies!  More on this later!

Stay Tuned!

Another MAJOR Redesign

Hi Gang,

It’s been a rough week so it’s time to focus and get back to work!   You all know me enough by now that when it comes to the build… I will not settle.  I am redesigning both back wall panels to match the original ESB version to further compliment the two smaller panels I just redesigned.  BUT… I’m saving the panels and I’m going to turn them into wall pieces…

Out with the old

It’s a shame to have to go through ALL this work but I think it will be worth the effort

Now we REMOVE all the LEDs – UGH

And toggles

YES…  I have completely lost my mind!  ; )

More to Follow!

A Panel Redesign

Hi Gang,

Another UPDATE!

As many of you know the cockpit started out as the ANH version then slowly morphed into the ESB cockpit we all LOVE!  With that, I decided to redo two of the back wall panels to match the ESB layout.  This redesign removed ALL the colored LEDs and removed several LED button panels (“oh darn” said Daniel).  There is limited pinstriping and only 9 1″ tiles per panel – fairly simple. Along with these changes, I am finally addressing the “radar” panel – I cut the hole for the “radar scope” too high so I was never able to make it look the way it was on screen…

Popped out all the LED panels

Removed any and all greeblies

I traced the basic shape of each panel before carefully removing from their frames.  I then cut and adhered the new MDF to the frame

Once the filler dried I was able to start drilling holes

There is a large greeblie that sits just to the right of the LED panel – we’re fabricating that out of acrylic (x2)


Panel #2


WHEW… Pin striping basically finished

A VERY complex design

The panels fit perfectly!

With LED panel – all the LEDs in the panels are white.  No colors at all.  There are only 2 blue 1″ tiles

The “radar” panel was/is going to be tough!  I basically have to draw out the pattern of the pin stripes so I know where to drill 3 holes…  ugh

The toughest part will be successfully creating the 3 curved pin stripe designs going around the black “radar” surround… MORE to follow on this panel!  BUT… we’re going to design an infinity mirror hoping to recreate the same effect in the original cockpit prop

Stay Tuned For More!  Hope everybody has a very Happy Easter!  :)

Back Panels

Hi Gang,

Another update!

While taking a break from taxes I decided to finish up the back instrument panel covers – not sure why but I was really dreading this part…  So it made sense to do it during tax season?  ; )

First thing… knock out Chewie’s upper back panel

I then made this steep cut for the lower panels

Which will cover this area

Without boring you too much… I made all the cuts, sanded smooth and bolted into place

Overhang to sand – I left the overhang to ensure I had the same angle as the instrument panel sides

Chewie’s side

HMMMM… needs some primer

Sanded, smoothed and primed

All the edges and the back and lower panels will be painted black – this hides any and all imperfections (thank the maker)

In place

Definitely needs some paint!

I then decided to dust off the ol console and light her up!

More to Follow!


Hi Gang,

Don’t you think it’s time for an update?  Why not!  :)

Cut more holes on the instrument panel

Still a long way to go before paint – have to figure out the monitor configuration and the new button panels on Han side

Now it was time to make the jump and get these LEDs in place…  This was scary, fun and time consuming!  I have to drill out ALL the holes to make the LEDs fit.  The next cockpit will have everything done by CNC to make it MUCH easier.  Anywho…

The drill pulled up A LOT of the paint and MDF so in some cases I had to sand these areas smooth and repaint – UGH

I’ll blend the paint lines later

And away we go!  Each colored lens got the same color LED for maximum effect

My poor little fingers.


Done – in some cases I even had to go in with a paint brush and clean around the edges.  But we’re also laser cutting 1200 little acrylic donuts to fit around the LEDs to help hide all the imperfections


UGH… I wish I could have used the CNC

A little Iron Man coloring going here

Moving on to another panel…

Once I drilled these holes I had to drill out new ones to match the ESB panel

What a mess!

I test each LED before installing it.  Very time consuming



I then drilled a hole to install a rotary switch – I’ll let the wiring guys figure out what it will do

All Done

UGH…  the panel I have been dreading!

Top Part – Done.  You can see how the edges need to be cleaned up

Paint brush in hand


After – I missed two holes in this section.

Switching gears… I’m working on this greeblie


First coat of black.  But I think I’m going to layer with acrylic.  I can add more details.  More to come!

This greeblie mount to back panel of the armrest

I then began to pinstripe the nose access panels

There is SO MUCH going on with these panels I can’t wait to show you guys!

More pinstripes

More to Follow!  :)


Hi Gang,

THIS IS A TEST POST!  Hope it works

Not much of an update but I wanted to see what all the effort was for!  ;)

Once the pinstripes are added and all the other little surrounding greeblies are in place this will look good

Another coat of the clear satin

How does it all tie together?

Still needs some toggles, tiles and greeblies…

Stay Tuned for More!