New Updates! Its About Time, Right?

Hi Gang,

A flurry of activity… Enjoy!

As most of you know all the darker panels are getting a MASSIVE makeover,  We’ve stripped all the greeblies, pinstripes and glass tiles to receive the new black paint, pin stripes, etc…  After some sanding, filling, sanding, filling, painting, sanding, drilling ALL the holes for the new 1″ blue, white and yellow tiles (which will be backlit) the panels are looking awesome!

Now we can get to the fun part!  This panel, right behind Chewie, has received A LOT of attention.  I’m really happy with how this turned out!

And now the nose panels.  Very simple in it’s design, the pin striping was much easier than the previous ANH version.  BUT… the ESB version had many greeblies attached… so there’s the trade off.  : )

Now we can start to mount all the greeblies.  The two top horizontal panels were identical in ANH.  For ESB, they heavily modified the panel on Han’s side.  It’s loaded with greeblies and very few LEDs (the lighting guys are happy about that)

This weekend consisted of everything from new vertical extension panels, to greeblies, to arcade cabinets to button panels and everything in between!  Enjoy!

It’s been an awesome coupe of weeks and they best part is our sound and lighting crew back and they are really excited to get started.  The next few weeks are going to be fast paced – we hope!  Lots of little surprises coming so STAY TUNED!


Hi Gang,

Here is another barrage of updates for you to enjoy!

This panel underwent some MAJOR changes for ESB.  I played with different configurations and finally nailed it down!

I then laser the last of the LED housing and a few rocker spacers

Setting up the new greeblie

Final greeblie position for this panel

Finishing up the pinstripes and prepping for a few coats clear satin!

More to Follow so Stay Tuned!

Leaked EP VII Cockpit Photos

Hi Gang,

New images of the Millennium Falcon Cockpit from EP VII just hit the net!  ENJOY!  I know I did…

Let the Photo Bombardment Begin!

Hi Gang,

Well… the new PC is up and running… Without further boring you… ENJOY!

WHEW!!!  I apologize for the delay, gang.  So much more to follow in the upcoming months!  Tell your friends and family – things are about to get cranking!  : )

Pin Stripes and We Identified a Greeblie!

Hi Gang,

Pin striping continues and I managed to pick up an identified greeblie from the ESB cockpit!

This Voltage Regulator is the exact same model used on the original ESB cockpit.  There were two of them – one sitting atop the other.  If I can’t find another I’ll take a mold of the original.  : )  Pretty cool!

More to Follow!