A Good Weekend

Hi Gang,

A few more updates…  Got the other door greeblie finished up

I found a new Krylon color – kind of a plastic grey.  So I thought I would give it a shot – I like it!

On to the panels

After looking through all the photos I had I decided that these greeblies were the same color as the panel

And then I noticed this… ugh


Painting the rest

Sanding down the culprit!

Pin stripes!

The panel is almost finished – still have to design and fab another greeblie from acrylic (more later)

I then drilled holes

Added more PS

I was hoping to get further along with the nav chair.  I’m going to put some extra effort into this guy!  :)

Whew – pretty good weekend.  More to Follow!

Greeblies and Panels and Wall Art

Hi Gang,

UPDATES!  Fellow project builder Fuzz and I purchased a HUGE lot of used film projector parts.  If you’re into the SW style greeblies this is the place to start looking!

This was one of two boxes that arrived

Within the box… bag and bags of greeblie goodness

Remember those center console armrest levers that we couldn’t figure out so we just modeled and printed?  I am 95% certain that they were / are film projector / editing arms.  Look at the resemblance!

MMMMM Greeblies

OK… enough gawking… time to get to work!  The lower side panels are finally getting some attention

The 15″ extension panels needed some significant attention after removing the pin stripes and greeblies

Time to start pin striping!

I have NO IDEA what these odd shaped greeblies are.  Maybe a lid to something or a trim piece to a reel to reel player?  I don’t know…

They needed some work.  Sanding and the holes drilled

Primer – that’s always a good thing

This is the basic location – the original designers adhered the rockers to them as well.

Almost done

Onward… these door greeblies have been neglected for too long!


Slight warping – ewe

Second getting its primer

Let’s do a side by side compare with the old…

I then removed the old ones from the door panel – this IS why I no longer simply adhere things in place anymore – YUCK

NICE… not worth even trying to salvage at this point

Those look SO MUCH better than the first versions – still needs paint

I wish I knew what color(s) they used

As primer and filler were drying I was also jumping back and forth on the wall art pieces.  Another little detail that caught my eye was color variation(s) between the panel top and the console housing.  We can’t let that slip by again!  Taping everything off

Gotta protect all that work, right?

A little flat black and satin clear later

What a difference

I then clear coated to the top panel

Once the clear coat dried I adhered the 1″ tiles

The knobs/dials that will go next to the nav screen – coat of black

Then silver

Basic position

Whew… still lots more to do!  :)

A Place to Rest My Head

Hi Gang,


A gentleman named “Cameron” found an authentic Martin Baker ejection seat part and donated it to the build!


Side – that is SO pretty!



As many of you know I’ve been donking around with these Nav Chairs – do a little here, a little there… So, I dusted one of them off…

The part literally slid into place – a PERFECT fit

Added a few bolts

Cameron told me it’s not the same part from the original MB chair – but MAN-O-MAN… she really looks the part!  AWESOME!  We may have found our Nav Computer Chair!

Looks like I’ll be doing a little work on the chair this weekend!  😉

A HUGE THANK YOU to Cameron!

After I calmed down I jumped back into gear and knocked out those two lower side panels

Heck… why not drill out the 1″ tile holes as well

The 15″ extension panels get a makeover as well

I also removed material from the center console platform

Needs some paint!

Thank you again Cameron!  You are AWESOME!

Stay Tuned!

Hi Gang,

Just a simple update.  I’m digging through all my greeblies for the perfect knobs and the correct matte box (nav screen) placement

LED Fresnel Lens

ESB Greeblie looks right at home

One of our buddies cast the matte box for us!  This is the VERY first pull!

We’re going to make these matte boxes available – just let us know!

More to Follow!

Wall Art and a Matte Box for the Masses!

Hi Gang,

Well… the new / old wall art is almost finished!

First thing I did this morning was finish sanding / filling the extra hole

After sanding smooth I could add some black!

After 2.5 years the grey paint I’ve been using was getting bad.  So, off to the home improvement store for a new gallon!  This time I ordered “flat” and not satin.  Made all the difference in the world!

Once the paint had dried – add some pin stripes!

I think I’ll use these 2 extra LED panels here

Time to move to the upper panel

Switch over to the other side!

Done for now!  Let’s check out those lenses!

I’m somewhat in a holding pattern right now.  Daniel is prepping to get the first mold of the matte box!

The matte box will be become available to those who want their own SW style nav screen!  We’re still working on a price but please let me know if you guys are interested!  :)

More to Follow!

Wall Art?

Hi Gang,

I decided to switch gears a little bit this weekend.  Some of you may remember the extra set of instrument panels had just laying around.  Well… I decided to finish them up and, like many of the other panels, turn them into pieces of wall art.  :)

After removing all the dust and build up I began marking the holes

Primer / then sanding


I love the look of the flat black!  BUT WHOOPS

In all my excitement I drilled an extra hole… DANG IT!

Sand, fill, sand, fill, etc

While paint was drying I used the existing holes in the backside of the Garrard trim plate to create the mounting points needed

I’m going to laser cut a trim piece to hide all this ugliness

Another panel getting a makeover – save the frame

Another piece of wall art!

This greeblie (two of them) was painted silver and seemed to get lost in the light grey color of the panel.  So, I decided to prime and paint it white

MUCH better!

I then jumped over and painted the other side – the white really made it pop out

Getting closer and closer

While I was sitting in the humidity I looked up and saw this…

More to Follow!  :)

Another Greeblie Identified and Found!

Hi Gang,

OK… So remember this vertical greeblie?  Well, Wavey discovered it was a Garrard Record Player trim piece

The other day… I found one on Ebay and… Here it is!

This might seem silly… but there’s something cool about finding and holding a near original greeblie the original designers used  :)

A near perfect match from the eyeballed greeblie we created long ago!

The question is… how do I mount it and do I paint it?

Also, I believe this piece is located on another panel opposite the trim plate

That’s it for now!  Awesome find!  Thanks Wavey!  :)

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