Time for an Update!

Hi Gang,

I think it’s about time for an update!

We’ll start the update with a 3D print Jessie designed and Daniel printed for one of MANY cockpit greeblies…

Daniel placed the “vent” style greeblie in a beaker with a little bit of acetone.  The acetone is heated and the vapor smooths the ABS plastic.

Jessie was a huge help this weekend.  We’re really trying to nail down this bizarre greeblie

Primer added

Still trying to figure it all out

One of many cockpit greeblies



Armrest greeblie

Another “clipper” looking greeblie for one of the ceiling panels

Finally got around to the nose panel boxes and vents

Painted and nearing the finish line

With the changes to the LED panels, I may have found use for a few of the old ones

Speaking of new LED panels – the panel covers

OK… let’s get to finishing up some panels!  More chrome painted greeblies

Needs a few more coats and a good buffing

Let’s start getting these greeblies mounted – 2 runs to the home improvement store for bolts, nuts, washers, etc

Almost there

Another greeblie

The panel is SO complex ;)

Let’s get those LEDs mounted for crying out loud!

More greeblies finding a home

The hole you see is for another “cassette” style greeblie which is getting some silver paint

Time to address one of my favorite greeblies…  After studying as many pictures as I could find…

Practice fit on previous version – perfect!

Time to add some paint and get it finished!

Old vs New

Getting parts ready for some silver

Slowly piecing it together


Another new 3D printed greeblie

Once sanded, primed, smoother, etc… it will be mounted here

Another odd greeblie

Cockpit shelf and canopy beam greeblies

The next victim(s)!

WHEW…  So much more to come, everybody!  Stay Tuned!

Will These Greeblies Ever End?

Hi Gang,

After doing a little research on the square hole / Mortise bits…  wow… they are not cheap!  So, I made the decision to hold off on that purchase and simply designed the greeblie “housing” using acrylic

Since the laser cutter cannot cut bevel edges I designed VERY tiny pieces to fill the bevel edge – I’ll add filler and sand smooth

Side by side with the cover plate

Basic design

This is where the greeblie will sit – there are 2 required for this panel

I also added a mounting hole inside the greeblie

Let’s add some filler

And then of course… just a few more greeblies to build.

Don’t Go Away!

Time to Spaz Out!

Hi Gang,

Check this out!  Remember those pieces I sprayed with several coats of gloss black?  I received this chrome paint by Spaz Stix in the mail today claiming that it is in fact “chrome paint”.  Did it work?

I painted the newly designed/laser cut eye bolts

And these two greeblies

And this little guy at the bottom – you can clearly see the difference between the Spaz Stix and the  silver paint I’ve been using.  But…

I placed all the greeblies in position.   At first sight I was REALLY skeptical… I don’t think it worked.  But then something caught my eye!

Well I’ll be darned!  And this was after only 3 coats.  The directions say to add more layers for a better mirror finish!  I’m impressed!

This guy is next along with several other cockpit greeblies that appear to be chrome

While the chrome coolness was drying I finally added some color to this greeblie

Finished one of two nose panel boxes

I then broke out the new tools!  I was going to drill out this area of the wood but realized I really should get some square hole drill bits.

Stay Tuned!

A Little Less LEDS and More Gloss

Hi Gang,

Early morning update… a little more forward progress!

I’m going to make another attempt at this greeblie

New LED panel boxes – this new design will make the guys VERY happy

Compared to old – very similar

The panel now holds 10 LEDs (1 LED for 4 panel windows) instead of 36 different colored LEDs – this will make wiring a little easier

Jessie cut more acrylic for the panel boxes!

Finally putting this guy together!


Near finished – might give it a light sanding before adhering the small white buttons

One down – one to go!

The armrest greeblie getting closer to be finished

This metal piece will mount to the side – LOVE IT!

Started drilling holes to mount all the greeblies

High gloss paint for these greeblies – possible surprise coming!

More glossy goodies

Some of the greeblies temp mounted…

More to Follow!  :)

Greeblies and a Few New Toys!

Hi Gang,

A good portion of the weekend was spent cleaning the garage in prep for some awesomeness!  OH… I was able to get a few things done on the project as well!

But first…  :)

More holes to be cut for LEDs

More greeblie placement – unlike the original prop, if we’re designing greeblies, we have to design each one to actually mount to the panel – not just adhere with super glue.  That’s the ONLY sure way the part/greeblie will stay in place and not fall off during transport, handling, etc…  So…  Marking out holes

Another new greeblie finding its location

1″ tiles in place

More Greeblies getting prepped

Lots of sanding and filling on this guy!

Then it was back to pin stripes

I had a tough time working around the bolt heads

Back to greeblies – the nose panel box bases

Prepping for silver paint

mmmmm primer

I hate dust

I LOVE how this greeblie turned out but I accidently adhered all the layers together…  Many of the parts are different colors… UGH

So I tried to tape the sections off

It looks good but I have to start over…

More misc greeblies getting ready for some silver

Getting a coat of black – the nose panels greeblies are pure flat black with a touch of white – easy!

These greeblies came in the mail!

We designed and laser cut a new “I bolt” greeblie to screen match

Nose panel greeblie almost ready for primetime (still have to paint the middle greeblie white)

Scott and Jessie popped over to help and Scott did some practice wiring

Back to the greeblies

The nose panel boxes are getting CLOSE

This little greeblie baffles me…

For the past several MANY months me and a buddy have been helping a co-worker get her home prepped for sale.  Almost every weekend was spent renovating – we’re exhausted.  We finally finished and, aside from a happy homeowner, partial payment resulted in my spending most of Saturday and early Sun morning cleaning the garage so I could make room for a few new toys!

WHEW…  ;)

Nose Panel Boxes and Donuts at this Hour?

Hi Gang,

Simpler Early Morning Update…

Jessie cut the lower profile nose panel boxes

Side by Side Comparo – still need to grab a few greeblies from the auto parts store (the lower profile box looks much better)

Adhered the base plate for the nose panel boxes

Practice acrylic “donuts” that will go around ALL the LEDs.  I really like how these finish off the look. MMMMMMM donuts

Def hides any and all imperfections

Something that I have been meaning to get around to but originally never saw – pin striping around the vertical gauges

The rest of the panels are coming in from the garage to be cleaned up and prepped for LEDs – some might undergo yet “another” facelift to match ESB and not the “hybrid” we originally decided on!  The LED heavy panels have already been finished so the others wont take too long…

Stay Tuned for More – this is going to be a fun weekend – FINGERS CROSSED / Weather permitting as always!