Leaked EP VII Cockpit Photos

Hi Gang,

New images of the Millennium Falcon Cockpit from EP VII just hit the net!  ENJOY!  I know I did…

Let the Photo Bombardment Begin!

Hi Gang,

Well… the new PC is up and running… Without further boring you… ENJOY!

WHEW!!!  I apologize for the delay, gang.  So much more to follow in the upcoming months!  Tell your friends and family – things are about to get cranking!  : )

Pin Stripes and We Identified a Greeblie!

Hi Gang,

Pin striping continues and I managed to pick up an identified greeblie from the ESB cockpit!

This Voltage Regulator is the exact same model used on the original ESB cockpit.  There were two of them – one sitting atop the other.  If I can’t find another I’ll take a mold of the original.  : )  Pretty cool!

More to Follow!

Marching Forward

Hi Gang,

A few more new pics this morning.  I’ve been having issues trying to post so I’m getting as many images posted as I can!  : )  Enjoy!

I dyed a few rubber picture frame “bump-ons”.  These will be backlit and adhered to ALL those LED holders I’m building!  I have yellow and red dye (more to come)

The new greeblies get a layer of paint!

Lots of LEDs!

Panel get their stripes!

More to Follow!