No More Steps Backwards!

Hi Gang,

For those who celebrated I want to wish you all a very late but heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to all!  :)

WHEW… It’s been a HECTIC couple of days!  Again, not as many pics as I would have liked because we have been full speed and finally caught up to where we have forward progress.  Enjoy!

Started to move greeblies around so I can mount the “laser gun” greeblie (no… it’s not a laser gun)

I removed this pull handle and moved it to it’s new position

You can see some of the paint where I removed a greeblie


Cleaned up the edges of the throttle housing

Finally mounted the canopy box lever mounts

Getting everything into place and ready for final prep and paint



I still have to sand and smooth the wood dowel

Silver added

Have to add a touch of weathering, paint the dowel

Painted up the 2 lever handle

Painted the console LED bar

UGH… small tiny imperfection needs some filler

Jumping to the body… this is where most of the past two days have been spent.  Lots of mod’ing, cutting, sanding, priming, etc  Jessie and were pedal to the metal / non stop!

The frame required some changes so we removed the old ribs

Built up the new frame one rib at a time

UGH… that’s a big puzzle

And… bad me excitedly jumped ahead of myself.  I had to remove the interior window petals to prep for a few more pieces needed for the window

We rebuilt the Volvo panels

Cut and refit the new nose ribs and supports


Chewie’s side looking down

Its the little cuts here and there that make a HUGE difference

And make a mess  😉

Now let’s add some ribs!

Bolted the frame to the body!

Ribs are now in place

Volvo panels getting some paint

Lid added – and will be covered by thin black ABS plastic to avoid a LOT of prep work

These side panels will also be ABS plastic

Volvo panels just aching for some paint and pin stripes

Making the Volvo panels fit

EWE… gotta fix that gap

A new canopy arch – before


Once everything was in place and aligned we started to put everything together and added supports as we went

Adding some support pieces to the shelves / tie in beams for the ribs

Canopy arch in place

Yes… that the garage door

We then had to some minor work on the Volvo panels to realign

Lots of filler later and in place

Han’s side

Bolted in place – note the exterior curve of the cockpit

We added a sub frame to the door frame to mount in place – this will be covered by the door pads

The door frame itself actually sits behind the main panels so this was a challenge to figure out “how” to do it

Here’s Jessie standing in the new door frame

Final pics of the last few days efforts…

Today… new main arch, door frame, greeblies, and whatever else happens to hit us!

A HUGE Thank You to Jessie for taking time away and helping, to Daniel who brought us both some Turkey and ALL the trimmings, and finally a HUGE Thank You to OperaScot for putting up with the constant phone calls and Thanksgiving Day interruptions!  Love You Guys!

So much more to follow so stay tuned!


Hi Gang,

Early Morning Update!

Got home yesterday and just didn’t have enough sunlight to start cutting the angles on the new nose pieces.  So I sanded the edges down and did a basic dry fit – and it’s perfect!

Look at that angle… nice

The gap you’re seeing between the top of the rib and just below the shelf is for the horizontal tie-in piece

Moving on… I hope I remember how all this goes together – prepping for paint

Dry fit

The canopy box lever mech

The MDF piece attached to the lever itself rests around the other MDF piece. Note the small stopper just between the two brass screws

Once nestled into place the lever can rotate around the dowel – the small stopper allows a certain amount of travel

Now if I can just figure out how to put it all together…

I then weathered this new greeblie – start with a wash

Then get into all the little nooks and crannies

This is where the greeblie mounts

Image flipped for basic look and feel

Now what to do with this guy and this back area????

More to Follow!

Jumping All Over the Place

Hi Gang,

Happy Monday!  Another weekend come and gone.  Believe it or not I didn’t take as many pics as I would have liked.  We have been busy busy all weekend but there were more behind the scene goings on – planning, dimension taking, designing, CNC cutting etc…  BUT we did manage to get a few things done and we jumped ALL over the place…  Enjoy!

We found out the issue with the new nose frame and got that taken care of.   Jessie and I dismantled the nose cone

We’ll jump back to that in a sec…

We also started work on the seats

HUGE disappointment… these are NOT the same style seats used in the original MF set.  These are just tad bit too small.  It’s the same shape but it would appear to have been scaled down by 5-10%

BUT… we’re going to recover and have fun with what we have.  Daniel has taken the material off in prep for new screen accurate covers  :)

I spent Saturday morning with the laser cutter.  I designed this new greeblie

Jessie applying filler

First of many passes with the sander, primer filler, etc

Slowly coming together




Def needs some weathering!

Fab’d a new one of these instrument panel greeblies

I laser cut this interesting light bar that sits atop of the console

And primer

I laser cut donuts for the yokes

Laser cut these smaller square tiles

I also spent a LOT of time trying to figure out how to make these canopy box handles move

This idea worked but it wasn’t beefy enough

Cover plate


I didn’t get any detailed images of how the mech works – I’ll explain on a later post

I’m not happy with the overall design

We’ll figure it out

I pulled this lever assembly from the old console – I will be repainting and adding to the new console

A LOT of attention was also given to the front window – cut these spacers

They will fit into these openings to keep the “petals” from flexing and give support

Jessie and I then added expandable foam to the center ring!

This fills ALL the gaps and def keeps the weight down

We then added filler

I then trimmed the foam

Jessie and I then attached the inner “petals” to the window – some material had to be removed so edges could meet

Interior “petals” in place – needs lot of attention!

With the “petals” in place I added more foam

This is a FUN process!  I’m really enjoying working on the window

Waiting for the foam to dry

Interior side

Jessie and Samantha stopped by on Sunday to help out again!  Samantha trimmed out all the foam

After sanding the wood filler I added Bondo to all the exterior seams

Sanding the Bondo took me back to my fiber glassing days!  Sanded and added first coat of primer on exterior

Once all the edges are cleaned, the “petals” secured and everything is all in place I will then cut and add styrene to cover the openings!

And Finally… Another HUGE Thank You to OperaScot and Daniel for getting all these measurements down and Daniel spending most of Sunday at the CNC cutting the ribs and Volvo panels for the boat frame!

Main arch

Volvo Panels

The big question… does it fit?


This is only a dry fit but from what I can see and once everything is aligned… SUCCESS!

As always, Thank You Scot, Daniel, Jessie and Samantha for all your help!

More to Follow!

1 Step Forward… 10 Steps Back

Hi Gang,

1 Step Forward… 10 Steps Back

Yesterday was not a fun day!  After building the 4 new riser panels I quickly discovered something wrong – horribly wrong!

Back panels appear to be ok

Uh Oh… The panels did not align with the new nose

I did a double take and rechecked.  Yup… we have a serious problem!

I built up the panels and found the error!

I don’t know exactly where or how the error happened.  I blame myself for not relaying the correct measurements to OperaScot…

That’s ugly!

Really UGLY

I moved one of the nav chair platforms toward the exterior.  And the panels aligned perfectly!

BUT… We’re approx 3 3/16″ off the center line

So what does this mean and what we do?  The front of the nose frame is fine but the rear needs to be pushed toward the center.  How do we fix?  Each one of the nose cone ribs must have a certain amount of material removed from their respective center mounting points then slid toward the center – the rear ribs having the most material removed.  The front of the nose stays the same to accommodate the new window.  We’re looking at it more in detail this evening.


On a lighter note I frustratingly got the door finished

Back side of door greeblie panel

I frustratingly worked on misc greeblies

This panel is going to get another major greeblie added very soon

I frustratingly added this little guy

I frustratingly sanded the throttle housing

I frustratingly Primed

I frustratingly Painted

So… all is not lost but a minor setback for sure!

Little Things Here and There

Hi Guys,

Not much of an update.  Rain prevented me from doing anything significant outdoors but I did manage to get a few things done

Applied more filler to the yoke body

Sanded smooth and added primer

Another round of sanding and more primer this morning

Drilled holes in the canopy box lever mounts

Sanded, primed and painted the throttle housing – another round of sanding needed

I’m going to add dowels to the bottom to keep it from moving around – or Velcro?

Then measured and added the final door greeblies

One side is done!

It’s supposed to be nice today so I HAVE to push myself to get those riser panels finished and a new main platform up so I can start putting everything together!

More to Follow!

We’ve Got Seats!

Another Early Morning Update!

Let’s start with the awesome!  This arrived yesterday – a HUGE THANKS to Wavey for carrying the weight of this transaction!

We’ve got seats!  These are very close to the original style seats used in the original MF!

Also tucked away in the box… another Volvo Panel greeblie!

SWEET!  Thank you so much, Wavey for your continued efforts!

Tough to see anything here – added 1/2″ ply and more supports to the nav chair platforms

Finally finished the door

Painted the mounting hardware

Applied several layers of primer filler to the yoke body 3D print

Just a teeny tiny bit more filler

First round of sanding

Still lots of work to do

Throttle housing got some filler and primer

More filler

Console greeblie finally getting painted

Adding more details/greeblies to the new center console

Bolted the Vickers Vents into place

The other vent has a black surround / housing that I have to design

Finally applied the 1″ tiles

Then switches

Final details

We’ve got rain the next few days so we’ll see what happens next!  Stay Tuned!

Got to Get the Angles Right!

Hi Guys,

Early Morning Update!  Got home from work and jumped right back into the nose frame.  After chatting with OperaScot he pointed me in the right direction to smooth out a few troubled areas.  After a few hours… I was wiped out.

Trimmed the remaining required 17 degrees so the interior panels would lay flat

These two panels (same on the other side) overlay one another.  I’m going to temp mount the bottom panel and trim the top panel (this afternoon) so each panel is snug and fits perfectly.  The top panel rests under the shelf so I’m not worried about the cut lines

Perfect angle – panel still needs to be trimmed

All the ribs also needed to be trimmed up to accept another support beam

I left a lot of overhang until the new window arch/mount is cut and installed

I then applied the first of many primer filler coats to the “Volvo” Panels

Before completely crashing out I adhered the sides and the acrylic top to the throttle housing

And finally… I’m trying to figure out how to hang these canopy box handles

I think the dowel might a bit too thick.  I’m going to get a smaller diam dowel and see how that looks.  If it works, I cut adapters to fit the new diam

The ends of the dowels will be capped with these acrylic ends.  I’ll have to cut new ones for a smaller dowel

Not much of an update…  BUT… we should have some new seats today!

More to Follow!

More Important Update Ever!

Hi Gang,

Although not a lot of photos this might the most important update this build has ever seen!  No really!  😉

Sunday morning started with the usual… the laser cutter.  I designed and laser cut this greeblie for the back panel of the console

I also laser cut the red tiles for the back panel

Jessie stopped by and sanded and added primer

Mounted into place

I removed the yellow tiles and replaced with white and added a few more pin stripes

Added some more visual interest to the canopy box handles

Let’s get serious!  Before we put together the nose frame I had to cut all the correct angles on the “ribs”

Daniel, Jessie and then took apart the nose frame and began to reconstruct.  This took the rest of the day and well into the evening

Our good friend Micheal, from our Mind Gear Days, also stopped by to help – it was great to catch up!

Frame slowly coming along

There were lots of little angles to be realized and eventually trimmed to make everything fit

The Money Shot!


Still LOTS of trimming and angles to be found/realized.  But she’s really coming along!

Not a lot of leg room

Look at that curve just aching for a skin!

My goal was to get to this point by the end of the weekend!  Achieved!  :)

Half to build new riser panels and reinforce the nav chair platforms – this week

Also, I’ll be finishing up the new throttle housing

Whew…  A HUGE Thank You to Jessie, Daniel and Michael for helping out this weekend!  And equally important, thank you to OperaScot for getting all these files CNC ready, staying by the phone and walking us through this entire part of the build!  You Sir, are the hero of the week!  :)  Thank you!

More to Follow!

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