Drop and Give Me 12!

Hi Gang,

Threat of rain prevented me from moving too far forward…  But yesterday Jessie and I were able to get the two nav chair riser platforms near finished and in place…

Chewie’s side – checking for square and correct height

Han’s side

Checking alignment

The small area just in front of the door will be the only visible area left of the original platform – everything else is being removed or replaced

Boxes enclosed

Drilling the bolt holes – this took more time than I thought

Added shelves, checking alignment prepping for nose platform (note the 1×12)

Giving everything a look over

Not much to look at… but it is progress  :)

This Cracks Me Up!

Hi Gang,

Not sure how exciting an update this will be…

I’ve spent the last few days cleaning both the garage and the house – too much junk!  But I did manage to do this

Sanded these lawn trimming covered greeblies


I actually kinda like the worn out look against the orange and black acrylic


I painted the “vent” – WAY TOO DARK.  I know I have a lighter color somewhere



Daniel and Co installed new shocks on the laser cutter lid – no more SLAM on the fingers


WOW… something is seriously wrong with the paint I used!  CRACKS!


Not sure what’s going on… same paints I’ve been using.


More sanding ahead




From REALLY far away they look good!  ;)


That’s it for now.  Today?  Who knows what might happen…  :)

Humidity and Lawn Trimmings…

Hi Gang,

After spending most of Saturday helping Daniel with a personal project then a few hours at the Makers shop to check on the progress of the new laser cutter, I spent Sunday working these greeblies.  Everything was going great until the humidity caught me off guard!

Jessie had cut a series of new / redesigned greeblies and it was time check some of these things off the list!  Working the “radar” panel greeblie

Let’s add some paint

Filler primer

Piecing it together

Gloss black


Finding the correct position

Bolted in place

Dry to touch but not ready for the final coat – almost there

The “vent” part of the greeblie will be painted a “Pewter” color against the silver

More greeblies

Used the drill press to add mounting holes to these greeblies

Set the depth and – bam!

As these drying, my neighbor decided to mow his yard… ugh…  Have to sand these back down and repaint

Small black 1/4″ acrylic squares

So… by the end of the day I added the final coat of silver paint.  Well… the humidity was worse than I thought and the gloss black undercoat had not completely dried and the silver paint had cracked.  Plus they were covered with grass trimmings… UGH.  I sanded them all down and primed with KILLZ primer.  Starting over again!


These canopy greeblies got a few coats of flat black and lots of sanding

As many of you know this greeblie has baffled me from the beginning.  Bottom line is I have never said “eh… good enough”…  But in this case, because there isn’t enough information for us to use I’m NOT saying “eh” just yet… but I am saying “good enough” for now.  And that REALLY bothers me but we have to move forward!

Jessie cut the redesigned pieces

Adding it all together

Getting the holes cut

Still have NO IDEA what color to paint it…

I then jumped back to the drill press and worked on these armrest greeblies

Still needs filler but we’re getting close!

Everything fits – need to trim that bolt just a little bit

Now we jump to my favorite greeblie of the weekend!  I drilled holes into these vintage movie projector parts (if you’re looking for this type of greeblie go to Ebay and look up “vintage movie projector parts”)  AWESOME SW looking stuff!

Cut a hole for the bolt

Painted the greeblie surround

Added a few white pieces and mounted the projector parts – LOVE IT!

I then took some 1/4″ pin striping – didn’t quite work.  The pin striping kept curling up

Def adds a bit more character

All together – a few more pieces to go


We’re working on designing the new EPVII version of the greeblie as well!

UGH – stupid humidity!  Stay Tuned!

A New Toy!

Hi Gang,

WHEW….  WHAT A DAY!  Daniel and I spent the day traveling to Atlanta to pick up a new toy!  While we were doing that Jessie was back here cutting a few new greeblies.
When I designed these odd looking new greeblies I forgot to add the mounting holes – UGH.  So Jessie cut a template for me to use on the drill press

Another greeblie on Chewie’s side

Lightly sanded one of the new 3D printed armrest levers

Still lots of work to do

While Jessie was back here laser cutterininginging… Daniel, see here, and I drove to Atlanta to pick up… wait for it…  a 36X48 100W Laser Cutter!  She’s a BEAST!

Brand New 100W Tube

All the associated goodies

Packed up ready for a new home!  More images coming from the Maker’s Local!

We also bagged a few pieces of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1″ acrylic!

The laser cutter has a new home and we’ll spend the next few days getting her ready to start cutting again!  We’re all VERY EXCITED!  More pics of our new toy coming!

Stay Tuned!

With or Without?

Hi Gang,

Not much of an update…  A few of us spent yesterday afternoon/early evening prepping for a new toy!  No details on this yet but it’s going to change our lives for the better!


With that being said…  I’m still working these greeblies.  The original idea was to build the “housing” and then adhere a cover plate on top



With cover plate


It would be painted silver to match all the other ESB style greeblies


But I’m not sure which one I like better?  With or without the cover plate?


This would be their final destination



With or without? HMMMMMM

With a Pull of a New Lever

Hi Gang,

A simple morning update

Reattached this greeblie – done

Collection of armrest greeblies

Jessie Designed / Daniel 3D printed a new lever greeblie that will attach to the armrest base and allow the 3 prong tube camp to mount

Lots of sanding ahead

Armrest greeblie base ready for more primer / paint

These new panel greeblies are going to be fun!  :)

Another back wall panel greeblie almost ready for paint

That’s it for now.  More to Follow!

Time for an Update!

Hi Gang,

I think it’s about time for an update!

We’ll start the update with a 3D print Jessie designed and Daniel printed for one of MANY cockpit greeblies…

Daniel placed the “vent” style greeblie in a beaker with a little bit of acetone.  The acetone is heated and the vapor smooths the ABS plastic.

Jessie was a huge help this weekend.  We’re really trying to nail down this bizarre greeblie

Primer added

Still trying to figure it all out

One of many cockpit greeblies



Armrest greeblie

Another “clipper” looking greeblie for one of the ceiling panels

Finally got around to the nose panel boxes and vents

Painted and nearing the finish line

With the changes to the LED panels, I may have found use for a few of the old ones

Speaking of new LED panels – the panel covers

OK… let’s get to finishing up some panels!  More chrome painted greeblies

Needs a few more coats and a good buffing

Let’s start getting these greeblies mounted – 2 runs to the home improvement store for bolts, nuts, washers, etc

Almost there

Another greeblie

The panel is SO complex ;)

Let’s get those LEDs mounted for crying out loud!

More greeblies finding a home

The hole you see is for another “cassette” style greeblie which is getting some silver paint

Time to address one of my favorite greeblies…  After studying as many pictures as I could find…

Practice fit on previous version – perfect!

Time to add some paint and get it finished!

Old vs New

Getting parts ready for some silver

Slowly piecing it together


Another new 3D printed greeblie

Once sanded, primed, smoother, etc… it will be mounted here

Another odd greeblie

Cockpit shelf and canopy beam greeblies

The next victim(s)!

WHEW…  So much more to come, everybody!  Stay Tuned!

Will These Greeblies Ever End?

Hi Gang,

After doing a little research on the square hole / Mortise bits…  wow… they are not cheap!  So, I made the decision to hold off on that purchase and simply designed the greeblie “housing” using acrylic

Since the laser cutter cannot cut bevel edges I designed VERY tiny pieces to fill the bevel edge – I’ll add filler and sand smooth

Side by side with the cover plate

Basic design

This is where the greeblie will sit – there are 2 required for this panel

I also added a mounting hole inside the greeblie

Let’s add some filler

And then of course… just a few more greeblies to build.

Don’t Go Away!