Let the Photo Bombardment Begin!

Hi Gang,

Well… the new PC is up and running… Without further boring you… ENJOY!

WHEW!!!  I apologize for the delay, gang.  So much more to follow in the upcoming months!  Tell your friends and family – things are about to get cranking!  : )

Another greeblie obtained: Airplane Shoulder Harness Inertia Reel

Thanks to team member Wavey’s eagle eye, we now own two Airplane Shoulder Harness Inertia Reels, from UK mfrs Teleflex and Morse. It’s amazing what you can find on eBay when you know what to look for.

The lever/handle and black cable are used in the cockpit above Chewie and Han, one on either side.

Pin Stripes and We Identified a Greeblie!

Hi Gang,

Pin striping continues and I managed to pick up an identified greeblie from the ESB cockpit!

This Voltage Regulator is the exact same model used on the original ESB cockpit.  There were two of them – one sitting atop the other.  If I can’t find another I’ll take a mold of the original.  : )  Pretty cool!

More to Follow!

Marching Forward

Hi Gang,

A few more new pics this morning.  I’ve been having issues trying to post so I’m getting as many images posted as I can!  : )  Enjoy!

I dyed a few rubber picture frame “bump-ons”.  These will be backlit and adhered to ALL those LED holders I’m building!  I have yellow and red dye (more to come)

The new greeblies get a layer of paint!

Lots of LEDs!

Panel get their stripes!

More to Follow!

Lots of Lasers

Hi Gang,

Work continues on the panels and I’ve been working on new button panels.  The laser cutter makes life SO EASY!

We decided to add 200+ LEDs to several of the lower panels.  This prompted me to create several button panels that would hold all the LEDs.  Called a “tab” box, I designed both the LED holder and a cover for the button panel that would protect all the wiring.  It’s a complicated process (creating a 2D file/drawing) but the results are worth the extra effort

More work on the panels… a few panels are ready for pin stripes!

A few pics of the finished button panels

Stay tuned for more greeblies created using the laser cutter!

More to Follow!