Door is Almost Finished

Hi Gang,

Back side of the door is almost finished!



I’m still not sure about this access panel design.  I’m going to look through some MF images and see if anything pops out

Once the paint has dried I’ll mask off both sides and paint the sides one more coat of black

Final touch ups

Panel in place – I still have the upper access panel to paint as well

More to Follow!

Well That Didn’t Turn Out So Well

Hi Gang,

Well… the sanding is all finished and I was going to add one more layer of primer to the door

Purchased a can of the primer filler

And VERY quickly realized it was for spray purpose only… NOT a brush / roll product on so that was a total bust

I’ll sand smooth one more time, look the door over and hopefully add paint this evening!

Stay Tuned!

Closer to Adding Paint


I’ve been doing a LOT of work on the door trying to get everything even and look somewhat decent.  I’ve gone through 1/4 container of filler so far!

After the primer dried I sanded and added more primer

The access panel is almost finished

From what I can tell the side of the door is painted black so I added the first layer of paint!

Still lots of work to do – the black really shows off the imperfections

This area looks pretty good

After the paint dried I went back with a light sanding and found more imperfections


Sanded and painted – not bad

Tough to see the sides

Although we’ll NEVER see this side of the door once in place, it was pretty bad and couldn’t just leave it the wait it was

Few more areas

Getting really close to paint!

Early Sat morning I headed to the Makers to use the laser cutter and cut the remaining LED Lens Donuts

Much better!

That’s a lot of donuts

Saving the best for last!  During his visit OperaScot gave me this little 3D printed mystery box…


This is a scale version of the travel case he is making to carry his quad!

Time to get back out there and work!

More to Come!

Geek Out

Hi Gang,

FSF project member Scot (he’s building the automated quad laser) spent a few days in Huntsville.  It was his first time to the area so we did some sight seeing and then geeked out with the many MF related projects we have going on.  It was a great time!  :)

Started the day out working on the door and sanded and then layered up more primer

More to Follow!

An Early Morning Update

Hi Gang,

Early morning update…

Not much but I did manage to get some gloss white on these door greeblies

Another layer of paint of the Garrard Trim piece

I was going through some pics and it would appear the designers added some white dots to this greeblie as well – coming soon

Last but not least I was able to add some primer to the other side of the door!  I also ordered some brush on Primer/Filler.  This make things go by a bit faster

More to Follow!

Is a Door a Jar?

Hi Gang,

The Early Morning Update

All yesterday I visualized not only how I messed up that recessed back panel but how I would go about fixing it… So when I got home I took the proper measurements, grabbed a box knife and cut it up

Made sure the two “new” panels would fit into place

Applied the wood glue

Screwed mounted into place

I then cut the holes for the two knobs

Mounted some old switches

Slid the knob into place

All that’s left is a little light sanding, priming and then paint

I then flipped the door around and cut the mounting holes for the cover plate

Then flipped the door on its side and sanded sanded sanded

Then added more filler

It really is a neat feeling, despite all the hurdles, watching everything come together

Off to the store to buy 37 cans of primer filler

I sanded then sanded down the Garrard trim piece

First coat of black.  I’ll sand down again and add a few more layers of paint then mount

More to Follow!

Too Many UGH Moments

Hi Gang,

We’ve got a door! After adhering the main door panel in place I then added the trim piece

Dont to worry – I added more glue

Time to add some filler

Clamped down this area

Added LOTS of filler

I love this shot but something looked horribly wrong! In all my excitement to get the door finished I forgot to add the recessed back panel… And NO it wont fit through the opening so I have to cut it up…. UGH

Access Panel

While the filler dried I jumped to the new Garrard trim piece

Laser cut/etched acrylic

Not the smoothest etching but look how thin those edges are

I then cut the holes for the back plates

As I mentioned, these will be painted the same color as the panel they are mounted to

I then added the Fresnel Lens Donuts

The laser cutter would only allow me to cut 25 at a time. Not sure why but it was a LONG weekend with the laser cutter

I then realized I forgot to add the filler… another UGH moment


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