Gunner Stations

UPDATES! Nav Chair, Quad Cannon and “May the 4th Be With You”

Hi Gang

My apologies for the lack of updates… things have been (as always) very hectic!  So… Enjoy!  :)

The nav seats are really coming along!

Philip, a Mind Gear Lab buddy and quasi-team photographer was nice enough to lend his talents… Check these out!

Jessie drew and built this Han Solo “Height Requirement” stand!

Enjoying a little and much deserved down time…

Picked up some new greeblies

Mike then fabricated this awesome greeblie using a PC fan shroud – we’re not quite sure where to put it. : )

May the 4th Be You!  We celebrated May 4th with a return trip to Nashville Science Center!  I didn’t get as many pics as I would have liked.  It was a MADHOUSE in the most positive way!

After some much deserved time off, the Huntsville team is getting back together and we are about to tackle lighting the Cockpit in time for DragonCon!  We only have a few months to pull it off.  Also… during this rush, several of us will be building a second (YES A SECOND) cockpit!  We’re going to take advantage of Mind Gear Labs and build a whole cockpit using the CNC, laser cutter and 3D printers.  Also, we’re looking into having ALL the panels vinyl wrapped – NO MORE paint and pin stripes…

Hang on!  This is where the fun begins!

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