Moving Forward…

Hi Gang,

I’ll respond to all the comments soon…  I’m rushing to get a LOT finished so I hope you understand.  :)

Lots of little stuff getting done!  Greeblies getting painted


Canopy Box Grab Handle bases

Love this little guy!


Holes cut for the console greeblies

I decided on double stick tape for these greeblies in the event someone catches them they can pop off instead of ripping everything apart



Let’s the jump to the canister




Drilled the holes

Adhered together

It fits!

SILVER!  Finally!

Needs a bit of weathering – nothing major

Also needs a top  😉

Had to fix one of the window petals – one of the corners needed to be sanded down

All better

Added silver to the canopy box greeblie

Canopy boxes coming along

More Silver

Remember… this is supposed to be upside down

Speaking of weathering

I can’t tell the color of the other canopy handles but I dont think they are silver.  So… I painted them this color.  It will be a nice contrast – I hope!

We’re going to make a half circle resin mold that goes around the outside edge giving the appearance of the rubber grip

I then jumped to the door – I swear Krylon changed their formula.  It’s terrible!


Added paint

Still have to mask off the edges and finish

Izzy sent me this in the mail!


Lots of sanding and primer…

As you know, Izzy just finished up a movable version of the yoke!  Can’t wait to see that!

Old armrest levers got a light coat of weathering as well – Before


I’m now just jumping back to the console.  Gotta get this pin striping finished and sealed up!

Needs a spacer, silver and then mounted with a pot for functionality

Whew… More to Follow!

Canopy Boxes Almost Done!

Hi Gang,

I have been busting my butt trying to get a LOT of greeblies out of the way before Daniel and I tackle the giant puzzle sitting in the garage! Enjoy!

As always, the laser cutter got a good workout.  I’m focusing very heavily on the two canopy boxes and we’re close to finishing – new canopy box plate and greeblie

Handles fit

Cut the dowel down to a workable size

Seeing how everything will fit together

Adhered and added filler

Laser cut these parts for the above greeblie

Dry fitting

Turns out I had the large gear piece on the wrong side – no work stoppage – just an oversight

Mind you, this is also upside down.  I’ve had to stand back several times to get my bearings

Odd looking greeblie

I found the perfect piece to fit

Laying everything out

Another dry fit

I then turned my attention to the boxes – sanded smooth and primed

1st of many coats

There is a spacer between the box and plate

Another dry fit

Moving to the handles – adding a few more greeblies here and there

More laser cut greeblies

Cover plates to hide the MDF layers

I laser cut a back plate for this greeblie

The other side of the “gear had another greeblie hanging off the side – laser cut a mount

I had to work the existing layers – also helps to have a LOT of surface area for adhesion

Piece being adhered together

Slips into place

Getting everything to work together


Need to get some primer going!

That’s better 😉

Now some paint

Grab handle bases ready for primer

Handles and bases

Canister greeblie getting some attention

The canister is VERY odd.  I dont know the diameter of the actual canister and I was limited to the size diam acrylic tube I could buy.  With that, I ordered a 4″ diam tube.  That’s what I have to work with.  As a result I have to compromise a few things in order to make everything fit and work together

I also laser cut this greeblie

And this guy



Got to work on the instrument panel dial

Created these boxes that will sit inside the canopy boxes and cover the large openings

The canopy box plates get some primer and paint

And silver!

Finally… everything else enjoying the beautiful weather!

More to Follow!  :)

A Familiar Shape…

Hi Guys

Sorry for the lack of update this morning. I was a little busy… Enjoy!

So I was looking at the instrument panel when I noticed a slight boo boo. The pin striped on Han’s side too far toward the center

This meant removing the pin stripes and filling the holes – I cut a bunch of these a long time ago knowing full well I would need them!

Luckily I didn’t spray with the clear satin – glued and filled the holes

Sanded smooth

All gone… I need a bit more paint and then finish up the pin stripes – I picked up a pack of red

Sanded the door frames smooth – prepping for another coat of paint

Sanded and added primer/filler to these guys

I spent the morning with the laser cutter

The new canopy boxes get a cover plate

Cut these greeblies for the handles. I think I might cut them in acrylic

Adds a little bit of bulk and visual interest

Picked up 4 pipe fittings and laser cut these odd shapes

When put together they look like this. But what’s it all for you ask?

The canopy boxes have two grab handles :)

removed the sticker and adhered the acrylic tops – still deciding on the bottoms

Let’s see… what else did I do?

Do these look familiar?

Well, they attach to this

All boxed in

Cool… what is it?

That looks familiar…

My laser cutter adventure this morning started with me trying to laser cut these shapes. Unfortunately the laser wouldn’t cut through the wood

I used the band saw to cut

With the wood being too thick for the laser cutter I dd the next best thing. I etched the shape I wanted instead!

Getting them ready on the laser cutter bed

Now that my pattern is etched we can cut them out! Off to the band saw!

But what are these things for you ask?

I think they go around here

This was a very tedious build. Lots of angles and miter cuts

I then adhered and screwed the original 16 pieces together creating 8 separate parts

Slowly coming together



We have ourselves a front window, guys!

Remember these?

This was the most tedious part. I aligned the tops of the window “petals” with the flat edges of the inner circle. Unscrewed one arm and wiggled it until it aligned it with the edges of the petals. Once aligned I adhered into place and then turned the window to the next petal and repeated the same process each time until ALL the petals and arms were perfectly aligned with each other

Sanding some edges smooth

The last of the front window petals

There are some gaps but it was the only way to ensure everything fit

Break out the filler and foam and fiberglass and mud, and dirt and sticks…

Inner circle

Back side awaiting their window petals

Temp laid into place

Might have to remove some material from the main ring – not a big deal


Early Morning Update!

Hi Gang,

Was able to knock out more of the pin striping on the instrument panel – didn’t have any red to finish the job.

The broke out the matte box and sprayed a layer of flat black

Have to create a screen and back light

Continued work on the EP VII Armrest Canister Base – primer

Light sanding and more filler


While dried I adhered these two two pieces

Which is part of the new base

Camparo Pic

I have to mod a few things but she’s getting closer!

Today I’ll give the canopy boxes a good sanding and more filler

MDF spacer waiting to be adhered

Switched gears and worked on the canopy box handles – this is how they will rest on the canopy box

Time to add some filler and smooth out the inside of the handles

Sanded smooth and ready for primer

Still some touch ups here and there

The wooden dowel from above will slip through these and then be mounted to the canopy boxes

Last but not least more CNC cut parts to be put together!

Is that a front window I see through all those pieces?  😉

More to Follow to Stay Tuned!


UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a weekend!

Hi gang! Much of the weekend was spent between the laser cutter and CNC machine. Simply put… I hope you enjoy the following presentation!

Masked off the center of the instrument panel and painted in between

More on that later! I spent a lot of time on Friday designing the new canopy boxes, and all the greeblies that attach, and a few other goodies. As with most everything SW related there are very limited images so I did kinda wing it… Then spent most of Saturday cutting cutting cutting

Lots of oddly shaped things going on with those boxes

Smaller / similar looking greeblie


Let’s put all this goodness together

Early Sunday Jessie and her sister, Samantha, stopped by to help out! They were a HUGE HELP!

Samantha applying filler to the canopy greeblies and rockers – what are those two odd looking wood pieces?

Jessie adhering other misc parts and the canopy boxes together

Canopy box sanded down and ready for the next step

Then applied some primer filler

Primer filler

Other side

Other side of the handles

Boxes primed

Rockers getting filled


I laser cut these tiny styrene donuts

Samantha then fit / adhered the donut(s) around the base of the canister greeblies and added filler. Just waiting for attention

Wound up having to design a new canister base because the mounting holes didn’t align and I didn’t want to drill new holes into the console – Samantha added all the filler then sanded

First layer of primer added – still needs lots of filler

I also laser cut a new instrument dial greeblie – I hope it turns out (Get it? Turns)

I also laser cut a new armrest greeblie base

I’ll paint the base flat black to match the console, paint the bolt heads black and adhere the greeblies with clear double sided tape

Added flat black – still waiting to mount and add tape

Then it was back to the instrument panels! Remember these? Let’s add some pin stripes!

Note the outline for the new yokes!

I had to design and laser cut a new LED panel



New LED panel painted and in place – still have to drill holes for LEDs – maybe

In place – gotta get the upper panel done now!

So… what else happened? HMMM… let me think… OH! Met Daniel a the local home improvement store and bought these 3/4″ sheets of ply

Both he and Philip spent the day / night working on the CNC!

Just a few pieces to deal with….

So for the last couple weeks OperaScot has set aside his personal life to design a NEW front nose section to include platform, interior panels, canopy and front window. Time to make some space!

Trying to piece together the most awesome puzzle EVER!


Daniel spent another LONG day with the CNC cutting out more goodness… More photos on that later! We then spent a few minutes looking over each piece and dry fitting all the parts – this is 50% complete

You can see LOTS of pieces going on in the background!

Some of the pieces Daniel cut on Sunday was the interior nose cone panels – NICE!

Look how far off the ground the nose is!

WHEW… :)

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who participated this weekend! THANK YOU Jessie and Samantha for your continued help. Daniel and Philip – THANK YOU for your time and expertise on the CNC and most of all… OperaScot – you are the hero of week! THANK YOU so much for your sleepless nights and countless hours getting this nose ready!

Thanks again to everybody! I love you guys!

Stay Tuned, Gang! More awesomeness on the way!

More Progress…

Hi Gang,

More Updates!

Finished this little guy

UGH… note the paint chip (this little guy has been kicking my butt(


Door frames got a sanding and more filler

Same for the door

Added color to the canopy cup

Putting everything together


Mini-Cam got a blast of silver

Parts all together

I’ve started laying everything out for the instrument panels

UH OH… Got to fix that gap… UGH

More to Follow!  :)

More Forward Progress

Hi Gang,

Quick updates…  The first of many primer filler and sanding of the door and door frames

Added color

I’ll go over today and find the many imperfections

The flexing was cracking the filler so I scored a simple cut line

This is where we are with the frames

Sanded down and added the final coat of black to the instrument panel

Tape removed


Let’s get some pin stripes on that thing!

Sanded down this guy – want to see if I can salvage him


Masked off and added white to the ends

Painted some more Wiggle Eyes

Canopy Box Cup getting some color

Need to prime, paint and adhere the top piece then wait for the canopy boxes to be fabricated (got those in the works right now!)

Finally added color to the Canister Greeblies

More to Follow!

The EP VII Canister Greeblie

Another early morning update!

There was a break in the rain/drizzle and I was able to get a few coats of black paint onto the instrument panel – pin stripes VERY soon!

I then added some paint to the “mini-cam” greeblie

The “mini-cam” sits on the rear armrest along with these two odd greeblies – which I laser cut a mounting base for

I’m going to laser cut a new piece that also holds the “mini-cam” in place

There is also a small knob located at the top

Added filler to this and sanded

Sanded smooth and cleaned it off to add primer

And then this happened…  I’m scraping it and making a new one

I adhered the top. filled and added primer – waiting to sand smooth

I was sanding this smooth and then CRACK (2nd one to snap in two)…  Had to fix

Once fixed I added primer and sanded smooth (again) then started putting everything back together

I’m sure most, if not all of you, know what this is…

We’re calling it the “Canister Greeblie”  :)

And for shiggles… Lets add some back light


OK… Once the fun was over I jumped back to these and sanded and added paint – let’s hope for no more breakage!

More to Follow!

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