Lots of Lasers

Hi Gang,

Work continues on the panels and I’ve been working on new button panels.  The laser cutter makes life SO EASY!

We decided to add 200+ LEDs to several of the lower panels.  This prompted me to create several button panels that would hold all the LEDs.  Called a “tab” box, I designed both the LED holder and a cover for the button panel that would protect all the wiring.  It’s a complicated process (creating a 2D file/drawing) but the results are worth the extra effort

More work on the panels… a few panels are ready for pin stripes!

A few pics of the finished button panels

Stay tuned for more greeblies created using the laser cutter!

More to Follow!

The Makeover Cont’d

Hi Gang,

Well… the decision was made to take all the darker panels, removed everything, sand smooth and fill and then paint black…  AWAY WE GO!

More to Follow!

The Makeover Continues…

Hi Gang,

I’ve spent the last few days at the house creating 2D files of the new console and new lower cockpit panels that will be CNC’d.  It’s a difficult process but it’s slowly coming along.  In between I’ve been removing all the 1″ glass tiles and other greeblies from the existing panels.  It’s heart breaking but necessary…

Lots More to Follow!  Stay Tuned!

Panel Makeovers Continue!

Hi Gang,

Got a late start to the panels this weekend.  Life just seems to get in the way…  I’ve finished two panel in preparation for adding all the LEDs and the 1″ acrylic tiles.

Stay Tuned!  More boring tile removing pics to follow!  ; )

Panels Get a Makeover

Hi Gang,

Similar to the center console, it was decided to move in a slightly different direction and finish what we’ve started before starting a whole new cockpit.  The existing cockpit will have all the glass tiles (1″ sq buttons) removed and replaced with 1″ acrylic tiles that will be backlit.  This should make a HUGE difference.

I forgot my drill at the house so I had to use a cordless drill with a battery that was needing recharging.  I wasn’t able to drill all the holes, but I was successful in removing all the blue and white tiles from the doorway arch panel.

More to Follow!  Stay Tuned!