Hi Gang,

Don’t you think it’s time for an update?  Why not!  :)

Cut more holes on the instrument panel

Still a long way to go before paint – have to figure out the monitor configuration and the new button panels on Han side

Now it was time to make the jump and get these LEDs in place…  This was scary, fun and time consuming!  I have to drill out ALL the holes to make the LEDs fit.  The next cockpit will have everything done by CNC to make it MUCH easier.  Anywho…

The drill pulled up A LOT of the paint and MDF so in some cases I had to sand these areas smooth and repaint – UGH

I’ll blend the paint lines later

And away we go!  Each colored lens got the same color LED for maximum effect

My poor little fingers.


Done – in some cases I even had to go in with a paint brush and clean around the edges.  But we’re also laser cutting 1200 little acrylic donuts to fit around the LEDs to help hide all the imperfections


UGH… I wish I could have used the CNC

A little Iron Man coloring going here

Moving on to another panel…

Once I drilled these holes I had to drill out new ones to match the ESB panel

What a mess!

I test each LED before installing it.  Very time consuming



I then drilled a hole to install a rotary switch – I’ll let the wiring guys figure out what it will do

All Done

UGH…  the panel I have been dreading!

Top Part – Done.  You can see how the edges need to be cleaned up

Paint brush in hand


After – I missed two holes in this section.

Switching gears… I’m working on this greeblie


First coat of black.  But I think I’m going to layer with acrylic.  I can add more details.  More to come!

This greeblie mount to back panel of the armrest

I then began to pinstripe the nose access panels

There is SO MUCH going on with these panels I can’t wait to show you guys!

More pinstripes

More to Follow!  :)


Hi Gang,

THIS IS A TEST POST!  Hope it works

Not much of an update but I wanted to see what all the effort was for!  ;)

Once the pinstripes are added and all the other little surrounding greeblies are in place this will look good

Another coat of the clear satin

How does it all tie together?

Still needs some toggles, tiles and greeblies…

Stay Tuned for More!

A Little Forward Progress

Hi Gang,

It’s been a quite a few weeks since our last update!  As you know life always seems to get in the way but always know we’re working on something…  So enjoy this latest round of pics!

We’ve been spending time working the second console…

Jessie took time out of her hectic schedule to cut these shapes using the laser cutter.  Once together they will create two very critical console greeblies – more later!  ; )

More work continues on the console!  Jessie cut a new armrest panel from MDF along with a recently discovered armrest beauty panel from acrylic.  Gee… It only took us 30+ years to see the beauty panel!  ; )

Just like the first console, the armrest panel, along with the rear panel, will be held in place using magnets.  This will make access to the electronics/wiring much easier for the sound/lighting guys!  We really thought this second console through to ensure ease of access and wiring!

Many of the panels have been handed off to the guys for lighting!  We’ll have lots of great images SOON!  Also, “Seattle” Scot has been working on his own quad laser that is fully mechanized!  IT’S AMAZING!!!!  Stay tuned for some great images!

We’ll be posting more soon so PLEASE stay tuned!


Hi Gang,

What better way to celebrate the new year with UPDATES!  Let’s jump right to it!

We found some actual Greeblies the original designers used!  A 3 prong wire clamp was used throughout Empire.  Wavey was able to track these down for us!  I then located 4 switches on Ebay – also used throughout Empire.  And then our own Seattle Scot created these AWESOME quad tips!

But wait… there’s more!  Jessie and I worked together to create these new greeblies for another part of the cockpit!

And now… Cockpit Updates!  I decided it was time to update the cockpit and add the shelf and lower light bars.  This involved several things!  First, the lowest panels had to be redesigned.  They were not only shorter but the angle was MUCH different – it tilted in more toward the center.  I also had to create 4 more light bars that sat just below the lowest original light grey panel but just above the new shelf…  WHEW…

Lots more to follow so stay tuned!

Happy New Year Everybody!  2015 is going to be awesome!

The Geek Media Expo 2014 and Episode VII?

Hi Gang,

Our first photos of the cockpit put together after ALL the hard work the team has put into these last few months!  We stood back and got a chill!  Thank you to Jessie, Daniel, Jake and Scott for ALL their hard work, long nights and ongoing enthusiasm for this project!

Jessie and I arrived early Friday morning to set up… After all the work, I had no idea if the cockpit was even going to fit back together!  Not sure why the images are coming in sideways… Sorry

Once we got the FINAL bolt into place… Colin popped in and set up his speeder bike replica – AWESOME!

We then turned our attention back to the entire reason why we were there…  Enjoy!

The biggest thrill came when Greg Grunberg popped in to say hello.  Many of you might know him from the TV Show Heroes.  He also wrapped up filming his part in the upcoming movie – Star Wars Episode VII!  It was an AMAZING experience!  He was VERY complimentary of our work!  Such a great guy!  Thank You So Much, Mr. Grunberg!!!

A last minute update… Daniel decided to give a little life to the radar scope!

What an AMAZING WEEKEND!  We’re all still flying high!  This was our best show yet!

More to Come!