Found parts that match the original greeblies used on the full-scale sets.

Another greeblie obtained: Airplane Shoulder Harness Inertia Reel

Thanks to team member Wavey’s eagle eye, we now own two Airplane Shoulder Harness Inertia Reels, from UK mfrs Teleflex and Morse. It’s amazing what you can find on eBay when you know what to look for.

The lever/handle and black cable are used in the cockpit above Chewie and Han, one on either side.

MK4 Ejection Seat on eBay UK

Just noticed this listing for a Martin Baker MK4 Ejection Seat on eBay UK.

Any deep-pocketed Falcon fans in the UK want to grab it for the project?


Hi Gang,

A little bit of AWESOME news! Starkiller just mailed me the 3D printed parts for the console – the throttle greeblies and several near identical (from the original prop) dome panel lights!!! I’m going to have the bezels chromed and attempt to make molds of everything!  I’m SO HAPPY!

Throttle Greeblie (this part shows up ALL over the MF)

20130404_162333 20130404_162403 20130404_162408 20130404_162513 20130404_162544 20130404_162616 20130404_162610 20130404_194542 20130404_194551 20130404_194559 20130404_194619 20130404_194643 20130404_194700 20130404_194515 20130404_194714


New Part Found and Purchased!

Hi Gang,

A Big Thanks to Wavey for finding this aircraft latch!  They are part of a greeblie in the cockpit right behind Chewie that attached to a box with a red panel light.  I just purchased the two available on Ebay!

Lever Catch

You can see the two latches JUST to the left of Luke’s nose below the two white acrylic buttons.  They are attached to a some kind of box.


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