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    Rob Holmes

    Hello All,

    I saw a story about this site on BBC World America and was fascinated. I’ve been fascinated with space and sci-fi since I  followed the Apollo 11 mission with my 4-foot tall scale model of the Saturn V rocket that I built when I was 10. I love Star Wars, pretty much any space show and Blade Runner is my favorite movie.

    I’ve had a 3D Animation and Visualization company for 17 years now and would like to help out in any way you need if you’d like some 3D modeling assistance. I see you’ve already done a lot. I’m known for my photo-realistic work so if that’s something you could use let me know. I also am an Industrial Designer by degree so if there is any need for ideation and development, I’d be  glad to assist there also.

    Bottom line, what a fascinating project. I hope there’s a way I can help you realize this very ambitions dream.


    Rob Holmes / NVision4D.com

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    Greg Dietrich

    Hi Rob,

    Welcome aboard!  Thanks for taking the time to register.  How ironic, I live just a few miles from the real Saturn V rocket here in Huntsville.  I see it everyday.  Also, my grandfather was a program manager on the second stage boosters and worked very closely with Van Braun!  I guess I’m kinda carrying the torch?  lol

    I was JUST chatting with Chris Lee and we were discussing the idea of building a 1/12th scale reference model.  This would be something that would match the actual build in every way.  Building panels, guns and cockpits is cool but without a place to put anything… We have no idea what the actual frame will look like.  Is this something you can help with?  We would appreciate your input and ideas.  : )

    Again, welcome abaord and we look forward to hearing from you!

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    Rob Holmes

    Pretty cool Greg. I’d like to stand next to that puppy. Pretty neat that your family was involved.

    Yea, I’d like to help any way I can. I assume you mean a practical model at 1/12th scale as there is no reason to do a scale model in 3D. You just do it at full scale. I don’t have access to a good shop like I used to so I’m not optimally set up to do model building. I have done a lot of it but the tools I have now are a bit limiting. However, I do want to build a 1/16 scale model of my boat and have been planning to get set up to do that. I have a rare sailboat and have always liked nice boat models but I’ll never find one of my boat so I need to build it myself. Since I’m planning to start that project I could certainly add in some Falcon modeling.

    Just let me know specifically what you are in need of and I’ll let you know what I can take on.


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