Falcon Sound Effects

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    Matt Pfingsten

    Chris, here is my collection of Falcon sound effects:

    Millennium Falcon.zip 22.3MB

    Alarms (2 cockpit alarms, 1 special edition quad laser alarm, 1 navicomputer alarm “looks like we’re coming up on Alderaan”)
    1 crash effect (when the asteroid hits the Falcon in Empire)
    2 fail sound effects (one when the engine won’t turn over, the other when Han “fixes” something and yells for Chewie to “turn it off!”)
    1 sound of the navicomputer talking to see-threepio (but isolated from all other tracks)
    15 flyby sounds
    2 landing sounds
    3 sounds of the Falcon lifting off
    2 sounds of the Falcon powering up
    3 engine thrust sounds
    4 cockpit electronics sound effects
    The Falcon jump starting after Han hits it
    3 sounds of the boarding ramp lowering
    Cockpit door opening and closing
    A good loop of the holo chess table and 3 sounds of the monsters fighting
    2 sounds of the quad lasers firing
    3 Mynock sounds

    Hope these will help.

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    Chris Lee

    Thank you Matt. This is a great collection.

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    Barton Chittenden

    The third alarm sound effect in this group (yt1300-alarm03.wav) is the alarm from a fryolator (french fry cooker). When I hear it at my local Burger King, I always wonder if we’re coming up on Alderaan. I’ll try to see if I can find the make and model.

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    Chris Lee


    We would love to have a recording from the original source!

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    tom jacobs

    Awesome sounds, the alarm 3 is now my ringtone.

    I was hoping to find an answer to the fryola, i would love to know …

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