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  • Hi Gang,

    What a weekend!  The later part of this post are time progression photos so I wont bother you any commentary.  Simply sit back and enjoy!  :)

    Weathered the pull lever greeblie

    I designed and la […]

  • Early Morning Update!

    WHEW… It’s been a mad house trying to get everything finished!  Enjoy!

    Installed the 2 lever greeblie

    Working a new throttle lever mechanism

    I’ll be headed to the Makers to […]

  • Hi Gang,

    For those who celebrated I want to wish you all a very late but heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to all!  :)

    WHEW… It’s been a HECTIC couple of days!  Again, not as many pics as I would have liked b […]

  • Greg Dietrich wrote a new post, Progress 1 week ago

    Hi Gang,

    Early Morning Update!

    Got home yesterday and just didn’t have enough sunlight to start cutting the angles on the new nose pieces.  So I sanded the edges down and did a basic dry fit – and it’s […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Happy Monday!  Another weekend come and gone.  Believe it or not I didn’t take as many pics as I would have liked.  We have been busy busy all weekend but there were more behind the scene goings on – […]

  • Hi Gang,

    1 Step Forward… 10 Steps Back

    Yesterday was not a fun day!  After building the 4 new riser panels I quickly discovered something wrong – horribly wrong!

    Back panels appear to be ok

    Uh […]

  • Hi Guys,

    Not much of an update.  Rain prevented me from doing anything significant outdoors but I did manage to get a few things done

    Applied more filler to the yoke body

    Sanded smooth and added […]

  • Another Early Morning Update!

    Let’s start with the awesome!  This arrived yesterday – a HUGE THANKS to Wavey for carrying the weight of this transaction!

    We’ve got seats!  These are very close to the o […]

  • Hi Guys,

    Early Morning Update!  Got home from work and jumped right back into the nose frame.  After chatting with OperaScot he pointed me in the right direction to smooth out a few troubled areas.  After a fe […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Although not a lot of photos this might the most important update this build has ever seen!  No really!  😉

    Sunday morning started with the usual… the laser cutter.  I designed and laser cut th […]

  • Hi Gang,

    I promise to get to all your comments and PMs VERY soon!  :)  Another early morning update!

    Finally finished the pin striping

    Added a chrome pin stripe around the edge

    Satin C […]

  • Hi Gang,

    I’ll respond to all the comments soon…  I’m rushing to get a LOT finished so I hope you understand.  :)

    Lots of little stuff getting done!  Greeblies getting painted


    Canopy Box Grab Ha […]

  • Hi Gang,

    I have been busting my butt trying to get a LOT of greeblies out of the way before Daniel and I tackle the giant puzzle sitting in the garage! Enjoy!

    As always, the laser cutter got a good […]

  • Hi Guys

    Sorry for the lack of update this morning. I was a little busy… Enjoy!

    So I was looking at the instrument panel when I noticed a slight boo boo. The pin striped on Han’s side too far toward the […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Was able to knock out more of the pin striping on the instrument panel – didn’t have any red to finish the job.

    The broke out the matte box and sprayed a layer of flat black

    Have to create […]

  • UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a weekend!

    Hi gang! Much of the weekend was spent between the laser cutter and CNC machine. Simply put… I hope you enjoy the following presentation!

    Masked off the center of the […]

  • Hi Gang,

    More Updates!

    Finished this little guy

    UGH… note the paint chip (this little guy has been kicking my butt(


    Door frames got a sanding and more filler

    Same for the door

    Added […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Quick updates…  The first of many primer filler and sanding of the door and door frames

    Added color

    I’ll go over today and find the many imperfections

    The flexing was cracking the filler so I […]

  • Another early morning update!

    There was a break in the rain/drizzle and I was able to get a few coats of black paint onto the instrument panel – pin stripes VERY soon!

    I then added some paint to the […]

  • Hi Gang,

    An early morning update!

    Masked off the instrument panels and repainted the lighter area

    When the paint dried I masked off the entire lower panel – no prepped for the final coat of flat […]

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