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  • Another Early Morning Update!

    Applied a bunch of primer filler to the door backside panel trim piece

    While that dried I sanded down this edge and applied a coat of black paint to the console instrument […]

  • Hey Guys Mini Update!

    Painted the new door greeblies

    While those dried I got to work sanding down the side panels – this panel is a pain!  Sanding + Heat + Enamel Paint = burnt clumps of paint!  UGH

    Added […]

  • Hi Guys,

    Spent a few hours after work getting two of the four new panels built.

    These panels were pretty dinged up and I never filled the brad holes

    Work on the console continues

    Even though this is the […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Happy Monday…  Just a few little updates to kick start the week!

    Friday afternoon started with my switching gears and jumping onto the new center console.  The cover plates under the instrument […]

  • Hi Guys,

    Not much of an update… I’ve started mounting all these greeblies I’ve been building

    This guy posed a problem… the knob I had there before was placed to low for the ESB greeblie

    ESB greeblie […]

  • Hi Gang,

    What do you get when you use low tac and bleed free tape?

    You get major bleeding

    And pulled up paint!

    UGH! I’m going to mask off both the top and bottom and try light coats of spray flat black. […]

  • Almost There!

    Masked off one side of the door to finish the touch ups – tonight I’ll flip the door over and finish the other side

    I then painted all the different bolt heads to match the different greeblies […]

  • Hi Gang!

    UPDATES! After looking through a few images I realized the latch I had created for the vertical box on the slider / gauge panel was incorrect. So…

    Spent a better part of Saturday morning at the […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Back side of the door is almost finished!



    I’m still not sure about this access panel design.  I’m going to look through some MF images and see if anything pops out

    Once the […]

  • We Have Paint!

    I’m still not sure what the exact color of the door is but at least we have something!  :)

    When the paint dried and before the second coat…

    It will be so nice to see this finished and […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Well… the sanding is all finished and I was going to add one more layer of primer to the door

    Purchased a can of the primer filler

    And VERY quickly realized it was for spray purpose only… NOT a […]


    I’ve been doing a LOT of work on the door trying to get everything even and look somewhat decent.  I’ve gone through 1/4 container of filler so far!

    After the primer dried I sanded and added more […]

  • Hi Gang,

    FSF project member Scot (he’s building the automated quad laser) spent a few days in Huntsville.  It was his first time to the area so we did some sight seeing and then geeked out with the many MF […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Early morning update…

    Not much but I did manage to get some gloss white on these door greeblies

    Another layer of paint of the Garrard Trim piece

    I was going through some pics and it would […]

  • Hi Gang,

    The Early Morning Update

    All yesterday I visualized not only how I messed up that recessed back panel but how I would go about fixing it… So when I got home I took the proper measurements, grabbed […]

  • Hi Gang,

    Update time! Not much to show. I’ve spent most of the weekend with the laser cutter. With a sudden power outage and other misc errors… the cuts took WAY longer than should have. But…

    Here is the […]

  • Greg Dietrich wrote a new post, More Door 1 month ago

    Hi Gang!

    Just a few more little greeblies to paint and then mount and this part of the door is finished!  I think I’ll be able to seal the door – finally!

    I think the silver panel in the center is actually a […]

  • A little more forward progress…

    Close to being finished

    Once they were sanded I added the top piece

    Added the final little greeblie

    Ready for paint!

    I’m still debating whether to fill the seam […]

  • Greg Dietrich wrote a new post, UPDATES! 1 month ago

    Hi Gang,


    What a weekend!  Saturday was a total bust!  Too humid, had to call the plumbers, hurt my arm… UGH!  Finally got back on track on Sunday and I’ve been trying to play catch up!

    So, I’ve […]

  • Greg Dietrich wrote a new post, 3 Down 1 month ago

    Morning All!

    Got this little greeblie all painted and weathered

    Mounted to the panel

    3 Down and One More to Go!

    More to Follow!

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