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    Hey Greg, I noticed that the star wars celebration is going on April of 2015 in Anaheim, CA. I know that is a long way away, but are you going to try to get some of your stuff up there to show? I am buying tickets to it this weekend, only a year and two months away (seems I have a star wars problem) but was wanting to see your…[Read more]

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    What are the dimensions of the ig88 base of the quad Guns? Inside diameter, primarily. Could it fit the pneumatic cylinder of a cannibalized pneumatic stapler and an armature to make the barrel “recoil”?

    • Hey S! Check this out… I’ve been chatting with an RPF (Replica Prop Forum) member who has a mold of IG88’s head (which is actually a Derwent / Rolls Royce Engine burner). He said the largest outer diameter is 8 1/4″. We’re working to make molds of the tops of the head to match the screen used prop! Hopefully there will be forward movement…[Read more]

      • Thanks Greg.

        I know the following remark will brand me a heathen, but my brain is staying up more working out how it will work than whether it is the exact right source piece. (I’m sorry. Where did that lightning bolt come from?)

        My attention keeps going from building a sketchup drawing of structure for a rotating turret to making the…[Read more]

      • And I certainly don’t want you too think I would suggest tearing that beauty apart to retrofit motion in it


  • @greg-dietrich Nice profile pic!

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