Chris Lee

  • Scot Allison posted an update in the group Group logo of BuildersBuilders 2 years, 2 months ago

    @therealchrislee Hey, Chris

    Hope the Faire planning is going well. Had a few questions. What kind of power are you running to the site? 110, 220, or three phase? How are you planning to get it up inside the Falcon? Are you planning to put water up inside her as well, say for the ‘fresher? Had a thought about that, and was curious what you…[Read more]

    • We will probably have 220 running from the power house on the property to a smaller structure near the Falcon. The switchgear in this smaller structure will branch off 110 to the Falcon. Plumbing is planned, yes. There will be plenty of chases running up through the landing gear to accommodate all this and more.

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