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New 3D render cutaway image

Here’s the latest 3D render of our full-size model with a cutaway showing how the interior will fit inside the exterior.

This is the true full-scale 114′ foot long version that we are building, not the movie set replica size. It uses the DK Blueprints for the floorplan with 90% of the kinks worked out for the interior.

More to come soon, including another video walkthrough. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here’s the video walkthrough: Latest 3D animation

New Renders for Exterior Scaling

Stinson is working through the exercise of getting the scaling of the overall exterior as refined as possible so we can move ahead with footings. The key is to get the landing gear positioned and scaled so that it fits with the look of the rest of the ship. Since this Falcon will be so much larger than any of the exterior sets from the films, coupled with the fact that the landing gear must support almost all of the weight of the structure above, getting those proportions correct is pretty important both visually and structurally.

We will also incorporate some additional vertical supports, disguised as fuel hoses, under the mandibles. These images show the supports farther aft than they will ultimately be placed.



I’ve done quite a bit of research on the full-size sets, both interior and exterior, and there is little coordination between the two. For instance, the interior set of the cockpit is way larger than the dimensions of the separate exterior set part of the cockpit. For those interested, I was able to resurrect Robert Brown’s “Ship of Riddles” site using the web archive wayback machine. That’s where I first encountered the problem that existed between interior and exterior scales. This has been an tremendously helpful source of information for my full-scale building endeavours.