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Cool article on the original Falcon set

Lord Poe from StarDestroyer.net BBS did an article on the Falcon’s demise at Elstree Studios on his webpage. There’s a few pictures there (Taken by Pete Briggs) than the starwars.com article.


Note: the original article has disappeared, so this link to the archive.org version may or may not have the images attached.

Land clearing underway

I’ve been on-site every day since Saturday the 22nd (except for Sunday) cutting the roads and working on clearing the main Falcon building site. There is so much to do.

So far I’ve cut a total of about half a mile of roads. Mostly access roads through the main valley and stream bed of the property from the front to about 2/3 of the way to the back line. I’ve cleared several smaller potential sites for the workshop and cabins. I also made it to the top of the tallest hill that sits 200 feet higher in elevation than the highway. The view from up there is incredible.

The pic above is of the main Falcon site so far. I’ve cleared about 1/3 of it at this point. For the Falcon site I am concentrating on doing the rough clearing and leveling this week. Afterwards I will need to spend several weeks with a chain saw to cut up and clear the felled trees. Then I will need to come back with another week-long rental of the dozer or maybe a track-hoe to finish the main site.

The land clearing image gallery is here.

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